Patrick McKamey

Patrick McKamey
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    When it comes to handling criminal defense cases, Patrick McKamey is a highly experienced, seasoned, and respected West Palm Beach criminal litigator. Mr. McKamey provides a strong voice on behalf of his clients. He has a reputation as being a tough, no-nonsense litigator and negotiator.

    Prior to joining Perlet, Shiner, McKamey, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A. in 2008, Mr. McKamey was a respected Palm Beach County homicide and sex crimes prosecutor. While working as a prosecutor, he was asked to be a DUI instructor for the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association. Mr. McKamey handled more than 350 jury and non-jury trials and was appointed by the Governor of Florida as a special prosecutor to handle various cases.

    A seasoned litigator, Mr. McKamey has a reputation for being a tough advocate inside the courtroom, in both state and federal courts. He uses his years of experience as a former prosecutor to his advantage and has obtained very favorable results on behalf of his clients. If you are facing serious criminal charges, Mr. McKamey can provide you with the hard-hitting criminal defense you need. His tough approach, has resulted in numerous favorable resolutions, such as dismissals and reduction of charges and not-guilty verdicts.

    Mr. McKamey handles all criminal cases, with a focus on DUI serious bodily injury, DUI manslaughter, sex crimes, child pornography, sexual assault / battery, robbery, theft crimes, murder, manslaughter, fraud, robbery, drug crimes, Nebbia Hold Hearings, violation of probation, crimes against the U.S. government, espionage and all other serious state and federal offenses. Mr. McKamey is licensed to practice in Florida and the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. Mr. McKamey practices in all state courts throughout Florida and all federal courts in the U.S. Mr. McKamey is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

    A South Florida Native, Mr. McKamey received his B.S. from Florida State University and earned his law degree from Nova Southeastern University.