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prison halls May 13, 2016

Client Pleads Guilty, Avoids Prison in Child Porn Case

“… Michael Morris Booth of Jupiter, who says he viewed child porn images briefly three years ago after a friend told him how to do it, pleaded guilty Wednesday to five counts of possession of obscene material. Facing up to 140 years in prison, Booth was sentenced to five years’ probation. In one of… Read More »

standing over desk March 18, 2016

Marc Shiner’s Switch from Prosecution to Defense

A recent New York Times article tells the story of how Attorney Marc Shiner made the switch from a South Florida prosecutor to a criminal defense lawyer. Marc always considered himself a man just doing his job. That’s what he thought when he won a case against a young boy who was accused of… Read More »

police yellow tape October 9, 2013

New York Police Officer Involved in Biker Range Rover Attack

In New York City, it made national news when a group of bikers attacked and beat the driver of a Range Rover. The incident was captured on video, which helped lead to the arrest and prosecution of some of the assailants. However, in an even more bizarre twist there were at least two undercover… Read More »

judge's gavel August 12, 2013

James “Whitey” Bulger Found Guilty in Federal Court

James “Whitey” Bulger was recently convicted on 31 of 32 counts following his 7-week-long federal jury trial. He will not be sentenced until November 11 of this year. However, based upon the counts he was found guilty of it appears that he will now spend the remainder of his life in prison. He was… Read More »

military November 16, 2012

Is David Petraeus’ Affair Criminal?

The David Petraeus affair has captured the attention of the national media and been all over the news the past week. On the news, there was a recent topic of whether the affair that the decorated General conducted was a crime. The David Petraeus affair is unique in that he holds a position that… Read More »

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