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West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer / Blog / DUI / Employment Implications Of A DUI Conviction

Employment Implications Of A DUI Conviction

There is one big consequence that can terribly affect a person’s life: A DUI’s implications to one’s employment and future career. A DUI arrest brings harsh consequences not only to your driving privileges, but to your employment. If your driver’s license is suspended, how can you drive to and from work on a daily basis? When you need to rely on someone else for transportation, you may be late and fired for tardiness. You will face the challenge, on a daily basis, of how to get to your job. If you have children, and need to drive your child to day care or school, you will not be permitted to do so while your driving privileges have been suspended. Everyday tasks become virtually impossible to perform.

Additional challenges for employees with state licensure

If you have a CDL or drive for a living, you face the very real risk of being fired due to your inability to perform your duties. A DUI arrest and/or conviction possess additional risks for individuals who hold other types of licenses with the State of Florida. For example, the Board of Nursing has the power to discipline nurses for problems that stem from drugs or alcohol. Physicians, Attorneys, Judges and other professionals face similar implications. While termination may not be automatic for a DUI “drunk driving” arrest, Nurses and other professionals who are licensed by the State are often held to a higher standard than most, and face serious employment consequences if they fail to report a DUI/drunk driving arrest and conviction to their employer/Board or Agency under which they are licensed. This is where an experienced criminal defense attorney who handles DUIs on a regular basis can be of assistance. The lawyers at Perlet & Shiner, P.A. have handled hundreds of cases involving DUI arrests of many professionals, including Judges, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Stock Brokers and other professionals who are licensed by the State and held to a higher standard than many other occupations. Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys can help navigate you through the challenges of both the criminal prosecution as well as the administrative proceedings involving your employment.

Your future employment can be seriously affected

A DUI arrest or conviction can affect your future job opportunities. More and more companies are conducting background checks and driving checks on potential employees. Depending on the company, they may go back a few years or review your entire driving record. A DUI arrest will appear on both types of checks. A potential employee has significant challenges to overcome in order to secure future employment with such an arrest on his or her record. Background checks are generally run more frequently on government employees or those with high security clearance with jobs. It is important to immediately contact a top-notch DUI lawyer to assist you in working with the government and preventing you from losing your job.

The crime of DUI can happen to every one of us. It does not happen to a certain type of individual. Consulting a top-notch, highly qualified and respected criminal defense lawyer can limit your exposure to both criminal, civil and administrative penalties. The criminal defense attorneys at Perlet & Shiner, P.A. are the right lawyers for you.

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