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CrimDef10 December 3, 2020

Domestic Violence In Your Past? You May Face Problems In The Future

Domestic violence is a very serious offense, but like any other person convicted of a crime, you deserve a chance to start fresh upon serving your sentence. However, domestic violence is considered to be such a serious crime that having a conviction on your record can stay with you long after any debt to… Read More »

Overdose November 20, 2020

Opioid Overdose Rate May Lead To Murder Charges

The period between January and August 2020 has seen a nearly 50 percent rise in overdose numbers compared with January-August 2019, especially those related to opioid use. Some of these deaths can be ascribed to individual factors, but some have resulted in criminal charges against drug dealers. If you are arrested for dealing drugs,… Read More »

CrimLaw10 November 19, 2020

Palm Beach County Man Uses COVID-19 As Domestic Violence Defense

August 2020 saw a unique first in Florida law, when a 45-year old Palm Beach County man pled a defense to domestic violence that blamed his actions on the novel coronavirus. He was arrested after striking his girlfriend multiple times with a leather belt, saying he needed to “remove the demon within her.” The… Read More »

Crime3 November 13, 2020

Parscale’s Wife Walks Back Domestic Violence Allegations

In late September, Candice Parscale, the wife of Brad Parscale, a senior adviser to the President, called police from a neighbor’s house after her husband allegedly pulled a gun on her and threatened suicide. She also claimed that he had been “violent with her in the past,” with officers observing “several bruises on her… Read More »

CrimDef6 November 12, 2020

Lost Wallet Leads To Meth Arrest

Normally, honesty is the best policy, but it led to legal trouble for a Florida man accused of trafficking in methamphetamine. In late September, a Good Samaritan turned in a lost wallet to police in Winter Haven, and upon investigating, police found that the wallet’s owner had a felony warrant for trafficking. They got… Read More »

Arrested4 November 3, 2020

Have I Breached My Domestic Violence Injunction?

Sometimes, people wind up engaging in domestic violence out of a deliberate intent to harm the victim, while others simply let their emotions get the better of them. Either way, you face serious consequences, especially if your victim is able to obtain a domestic violence injunction against you. A domestic violence injunction is available… Read More »

DrugCrime4 November 2, 2020

Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia In Florida

Being charged with drug possession is a serious crime that has to be handled appropriately. However, there are additional offenses that a State’s Attorney may choose to charge as well, if the situation warrants. The most common is possession of drug paraphernalia, which can encompass several different implements and create significant trouble for someone,… Read More »

DomeViol2 October 16, 2020

The “Double Pandemic”: Domestic Violence & COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and towns in Florida and around the United States have reported decreases in arrests linked to domestic violence, but officials are pointing to other factors to insinuate that this may not be a good thing. A lack of arrests for domestic violence does not mean that domestic abuse is… Read More »

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