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Gavel_Cuffs September 6, 2019

Not-Guilty Verdict In Palm Beach County Rape Case

On May 1, a six-person jury found a Boca Raton man not guilty of sexual assault in a case from 2017. The jury found that there was insufficient evidence to support the State Attorney’s arguments that the defendant was incapable of consent. While the defendant in this case was cleared of wrongdoing, it is… Read More »

DrugArrest September 5, 2019

No Tolerance For Drug Crimes

Florida is one of the states that sees the highest influx of illegal drugs, and as such, law enforcement has adopted a very tough stance on possession and distribution crimes. Even though some drugs like marijuana and ketamine are being found to have medical uses, they are still illegal for now, and being caught… Read More »

WhiteC3 August 28, 2019

Florida White Collar Crime

The term white collar crime was allegedly coined in the late 1930s to apply to organized crime activity, but in this day and age, it is used to cover the gamut of crimes committed by business and/or government professionals. White collar crimes are almost always financial in nature, and are usually nonviolent. There are… Read More »

Arrested2 August 27, 2019

Attempted Felony Murder Charge For Young Mother

A tragic case in Palm Beach County has led to charges of attempted felony murder for a young woman. Rafaelle Carbalho Sousa was taken into custody after confessing to detectives that she gave birth to a baby girl and then abandoned her in a dumpster. She was charged with attempted felony murder, which carries… Read More »

Theft August 13, 2019

Woman Accused Of Embezzling From Contractor

A City Point woman has been charged with 41 different counts of cashing or depositing a check with intent to defraud, as well as grand theft and organized fraud, after stealing approximately $128,000 from a Cocoa Beach contractor she worked for. All of these charges fall under the umbrella of embezzlement, which is an… Read More »

Drug3 August 12, 2019

“Flakka” & Other Synthetic Drugs Ravaging South Florida

As technology and science become more and more advanced, new synthetic drugs are being invented, either to replace now-illegal drugs, or to “improve” on the high granted by old ones. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, synthetic drugs are just as illegal as any ‘natural’ drugs, and if you are caught with them, it will… Read More »

Robbery August 6, 2019

Charges For Two Suspects In Home Invasion Robbery

In the early hours of May 21, two men broke into a home on S. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach, ostensibly to rob it. They tied up and threatened the homeowners, a mother and daughter, at knifepoint, and then fled with several items from the house. However, thanks to the West Palm Beach… Read More »

CrimLaw10 August 5, 2019

Search and Seizure Law In Florida

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution grants the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and because of this, law enforcement or government agencies must obtain warrants before searching the private home or property of an individual. If evidence of criminal activity is discovered, but the searcher has no warrant, that… Read More »

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