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CrimLaw5 January 27, 2023

How Do Domestic Violence Allegations Affect Florida Divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy, but if your soon-to-be ex-spouse decides to make allegations of domestic violence (whether true or false), the process can become even more heated and complex. Because of its potential to harm society as a whole, allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously in Florida, and if convicted,… Read More »

DrugCourt January 26, 2023

Man Charged In Fentanyl-Related Death Of Teenager

In early December 2022, a 25-year old man was charged with first-degree murder in the death of a Clearwater teenager. The man had invited the teenager to his home in November 2021, to ‘hang out’ and use cocaine – but instead of cocaine, he provided the young woman with fentanyl. He later left her… Read More »

Handcuffs4 January 20, 2023

Drugs With Legitimate Uses Can Still Be Illegal

When the average person hears about drug-related crime, most of the time, incidents involving illegal drugs are being discussed. However, it is also quite common for drugs that have legal, accepted medical uses to pop up in crime reports for unlawful possession, sale, or even trafficking. If you are arrested and charged with possession… Read More »

DomesticViolence January 19, 2023

Clarifying Florida’s Definition Of Domestic Violence

The offense of domestic violence is defined in a different way in practically every U.S. state. Florida’s relevant statute establishes several facts about these types of crimes, but perhaps the most important is that in Florida, no singular crime called ‘domestic violence’ exists in law. The method by which someone is charged with a… Read More »

Jail6 January 13, 2023

Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Florida Drug Offenses

The first mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug crimes came about in 1984 with the Crime Control Prevention Act (CCPA) at the federal level, enacted as part of the so-called War on Drugs. Ever since then, sentences have lengthened and judge’s discretion has slowly become less relevant, both at the federal level and the… Read More »

Advocacy January 12, 2023

Fighting Florida Domestic Violence Charges – When You Are Innocent

It is not uncommon for those charged with crimes of domestic violence to assert their innocence early and often, usually in an effort to get their charges dropped. However, the rare defendant does come along who is truly innocent of these offenses. If that is you, it is crucial that you not try to… Read More »

CrimLawyer2 January 6, 2023

Defenses In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is an offense that is taken very seriously in Florida, because it is seen as a crime against society, not just against an individual victim. If a person is charged with a crime of domestic violence, they can face serious consequences depending on the nature of their situation. However, it is possible… Read More »

DrugArrest2 January 5, 2023

Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia Under Florida Law

There are many different types of drugs, and just as many different ways for humans to pack, sell, and ingest them. Because of this, items like syringes, water pipes, scales, rolling papers, scales and containers of all shapes and sizes may be classified as drug paraphernalia, and possession of these items may get a… Read More »

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