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CrimJustice January 16, 2020

Testing Of Backlogged Rape Kits Leads To Arrest

The United States has an endemic problem with the prosecution of rape. As DNA evidence has become indispensable to law enforcement, cases have more and more often been built around it – but too often, rape kits that might provide that valuable DNA evidence lay on a shelf or in a cabinet, untested by… Read More »

Marijuana3 January 15, 2020

Clarifying Florida Marijuana Offenses

Medical marijuana became legal in Florida in 2016. However, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under federal law, which is the schedule that carries the most severe penalties for possession or sale. Because of this disparity, it can sometimes be very confusing for the average person to know when it is safe to… Read More »

FlagGavel January 9, 2020

Woman Claiming To Be ICE Agent Robs Hispanic Man

On October 12, a blonde woman wearing a black dress and badge intimidated and robbed a Hispanic man in West Palm Beach, taking his cell phone and roughly $3,500 in cash. She also threatened him with deportation, claiming to work for Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), though as of this writing no proof exists… Read More »

Appeal January 8, 2020

What Is Post-Conviction Relief?

After a trial has been concluded, most people think that either the sentence will be allowed to stand, or the convicted person will appeal the verdict to a higher court. In reality, there is a third option – a convicted person may seek what is called post-conviction relief. Seeking post-conviction relief is different from… Read More »

Gavel_Cuffs December 17, 2019

Street Race Leads To Vehicular Homicide Charges In Pompano Beach

In early October, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office charged Allexie Gavaskar Powell, 33, with the vehicular homicide of Richard Schmid, 56, after a fatal accident in August 2019. Powell also faces charges for reckless driving and participating in an unlawful race (also known as street racing), all of which can lead to significant jail… Read More »

Jail2 December 16, 2019

Proposed Legislation Would Alter Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Florida has some of the harshest criminal sentencing laws in the United States. However, two bills currently before the Florida House of Representatives and Senate would both make significant reforms to those laws, allowing nonviolent and first-time offenders to “gain time” while bringing Florida law into line with other states’ norms. It is important… Read More »

Juvenile3 December 13, 2019

Florida Has Highest Rate Of Trying Juveniles As Adults

For many years running, Florida has had the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of juvenile defendants tried as adults in the nation. While most people agree that those who commit certain crimes should always be tried as adults, Florida is somewhat unusual in having laws that not only allow, but encourage youthful… Read More »

Crime2 December 12, 2019

Clearwater Man Sentenced To 20 Years In ‘Stand Your Ground’ Murder

On October 10, Michael Drejka was sentenced to 20 years in prison after being convicted of killing Markeis McGlockton over a parking space. While Drejka has stated his intent to appeal, the case is still being held up as a justifiable limitation on Florida’s “stand your ground” laws by those who fear the law… Read More »

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