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CrimDef4 November 19, 2021

Am I Eligible For A Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Diversion Program?

In Florida, each county operates different diversion programs, designed to redirect certain criminal cases into an alternative form of legal resolution instead of further adding to an already-large court backlog. Broward County is one of the first in the state to create what is known as the Domestic Violence Misdemeanor Diversion Program (DV-MDP), which… Read More »

Marijuana4 November 18, 2021

Marijuana Law In Florida

Since 2016, when Florida voters legalized medical marijuana, there has been a grassroots push for the legalization of recreational marijuana as well. However, as of this writing, Floridians are only able to possess certain amounts of marijuana for legitimate medical purposes. Recreational use is still illegal under Florida law, as well as under federal… Read More »

Handcuffs4 November 12, 2021

Explaining No-Contact Orders In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

Charges of domestic violence are very serious, and if a victim believes they are in danger, Florida law gives them the right to petition for a temporary injunction that limits the alleged abuser’s right to contact them. Because of the perceived severity of the situation, domestic violence injunctions usually require no contact between the… Read More »

Arrest November 11, 2021

How Can I Be Charged With Drug Trafficking When I Never Trafficked Anything?

In mid-August 2012, a Citrus County middle school teacher was charged with trafficking in fentanyl, among other offenses, after law enforcement executed a warrant on his property and found quantities of several drugs, as well as paraphernalia assumed to be used in preparing the drugs for distribution. He faces a serious prison sentence –… Read More »

Criminal November 3, 2021

Florida Domestic Violence And Divorce

Domestic violence is a serious crime in Florida. In addition to the obvious criminal penalties, though, there are certain other consequences that can befall someone who has been charged with or convicted of a domestic violence crime. One of the most serious and long-lasting is the potential for a divorce, which can completely upend… Read More »

DruggedDriving November 2, 2021

Driving Drunk Is A Crime … What About Driving High?

Even the freshest new driver on Florida roads is aware (or should be!) that driving while under the influence of alcohol is a crime. The law holds that the sheer recklessness and disregard for safety that drunk drivers display is enough to impose criminal penalties on anyone who commits the act. However, far fewer… Read More »

CrimeVic2 October 29, 2021

The Role Of The Victim In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is seen as a crime both against society and against your alleged victim. That said, the role of an alleged domestic violence victim in the legal case against their alleged abuser is often much less than one expects. The average person may confuse a criminal proceeding with a civil proceeding, in which… Read More »

Jail5 October 28, 2021

Club Drug Leads To Murder Charge For Carrollwood Man

In November 2020, a 25-year old Hillsborough County man died of what was determined to be an overdose of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). Almost 1 year later, his friend was arrested and charged with murder in his death. The friend has been charged because Florida law qualifies the “unlawful distribution of drugs” that leads to a… Read More »

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