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Jail8 September 30, 2022

Possible Prison Sentences After A Domestic Violence Conviction

As one might imagine, the best way to avoid a domestic violence conviction in Florida is to not commit domestic violence. If you have been arrested and charged with a domestic violence offense, know that you are facing jail time if convicted – however, the law can be somewhat misleading to someone who has… Read More »

FedCrime2 September 29, 2022

Have You Been Charged With Federal Drug Offenses In Florida?

Drug offenses are taken very seriously in Florida, due to the state’s past history and its international borders that see a lot of trafficking. Both state and federal law enforcement routinely file charges against those who are stopped with illegal substances, but the average person tends to wrongly think that federal charges will be… Read More »

CrimLaw12 September 23, 2022

Orders Of Protection In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

When a person has been the victim of domestic violence, or they have a reasonable fear that they are about to become the victim of domestic violence, Florida allows them to seek what is known as an order of protection against their alleged abuser. This gives the victim a measure of safety, but allows… Read More »

HandcuffOpen September 22, 2022

Alleged Drug Dealer Takes Plea Deal In Overdose Death

In late August 2022, a South Tampa drug dealer known as “Yoda” struck a last-minute plea deal to avoid trial in the overdose death of a 17 year old girl. The man agreed to plead guilty to manslaughter, which will result in a guaranteed 10-year sentence and a lifetime designation as a “habitual offender”… Read More »

DomeViol3 September 16, 2022

Defenses To Charges Of Domestic Violence

When one is charged with domestic violence, they can suffer real damage to their reputation and their livelihood, even if they are in fact innocent of the charges against them or the situation is more complex than meets the eye. It can be easy to feel like giving up – but you have the… Read More »

Overdose September 15, 2022

Drug Overdoses In Florida May (Or May Not) Lead To Charges

Florida is a state with an unfortunate history when it comes to drugs. Due to relative ease of access and a lacking social safety net, drug use and abuse remains high in the state. Florida’s Department of Health reports that drug overdoses have steadily risen in recent years, reaching a peak of over 2,000… Read More »

CrimDef5 September 9, 2022

Consequences For Domestic Violence In Florida

If a person is convicted of domestic violence, the legal consequences are significant – at the very least, jail time and fines await them. However, there are additional consequences that can affect a person who has a domestic violence conviction (or even an arrest, in some cases!) on their criminal record. If you have… Read More »

Drug3 September 8, 2022

“Simple” Drug Possession In Florida

Under Florida law, if a person is charged with simple drug possession, it means that they were found with an illegal controlled substance, but showed no intent to sell or otherwise distribute the drug. This is an important distinction in Florida, because the state has some of the harshest drug laws in the United… Read More »

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