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West Palm Beach Federal Drug Trafficking Lawyer

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Florida is a main thoroughfare for the international illegal drug trade and has the highest volume of cocaine trafficking in the United States. Because Florida is a hotbed for drug trafficking, relatives of abusers or even innocent bystanders could get caught up in the crimes of others. What’s worse, property, including cars and even homes, can be seized and held indefinitely until and unless charges are successfully defended.

The major drugs that frequently are trafficked and traded in Florida include:

  • Cocaine
  • Crack cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • MDMA / Ecstasy
  • Marijuana

Our West Palm Beach drug trafficking lawyers at Perlet & Shiner, P.A. have the necessary experience to successfully defend and litigate various drug trafficking charges throughout all of Florida. Our defense attorneys have the training and experience to file all appropriate pre-trial motions to exclude the government’s evidence, thereby giving our client the best chance to prevail.

Distribution of Drugs

Florida federal drug trafficking law enforcement sources report that cocaine arrives in the United States through Miami, and then is widely distributed to other parts of the state and beyond. The conversion of cocaine into crack cocaine is common, especially in Orlando, Gainesville, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach. Heroin is imported mainly through Miami International Airport or into seaports via cruise ships. Methamphetamine (or meth) labs have been increasing throughout the state.

Our legal team defends cases involving the recreational drug MDMA (also called Ecstasy), which tends to peak during spring break because the main users are college and university students. Marijuana is commonly grown throughout Florida, but especially in the southwest part of the state. Recent years have seen a marked increase in trafficking of heroin.

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Addressing Asset Forfeiture

If a car, plane, boat or home is used in connection with trafficking – even if it is owned by someone who has no knowledge of the activity or its extent – that asset can be seized by the government under a complex set of laws. These asset forfeiture laws can make the return of those items nearly impossible. However, we have had tremendous success in the recovery of assets, cash, and property due to our tough negotiations, skills, and legal experience. We have successfully defended federal drug trafficking cases in all of South Florida. Contact a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer at our firm today for the aggressive defense you need!

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