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West Palm Beach Drug Crime Lawyer

Arrested on Drug Charges? Call our West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyers!

Drug crimes, like other criminal charges, encompass a number of offenses, including possession, possession with intent to sell or distribute, conspiracy, trafficking, and prescription drug fraud. Drug crimes – especially drug trafficking – are prevalent in South Florida because of its geography and proximity to international ports.

Florida claims the dubious distinction of having the harshest marijuana possession laws in the U.S. – four times as stringent as those imposed by the federal government. Many drug possession arrests are usually for small amounts – 20 grams or fewer – of recreational drugs like marijuana or drug paraphernalia.

If you have been arrested for a drug crime, we urge you to get in touch with our West Palm Beach drug crime lawyers at Perlet & Shiner, P.A. right away. Give us a call today for skilled defense.

Consequences You May Face if Convicted

Regardless of what drug crime you have been accused of, it is urgent you speak with a criminal defense lawyer right away. The consequences of such crimes can be serious and affect various parts of your life such as:

  • Your ability to obtain or retain employment
  • Your ability to find housing
  • Custody over your children
  • Your ability to apply for loans

p>Because we are backed with ample and experience and skill handling such cases, we have the ability to obtain successful results for you.

Florida Drug Schedules

In Florida, drugs are categorized under five “schedules”:

  • Schedule One: These drugs are considered to be high risk for abuse and include drugs like heroin. Drugs found in this category are not used for professional medical treatment or purposes.
  • Schedule Two: These drugs are also high risk for abuse but are not considered to have as high potential as those found in Schedule One. Drugs found in this category include opium, morphine, and others that can cause a person to suffer serious physical and psychological dependence.
  • Schedule Three: These drugs have a risk for abuse but are also often used for medical treatment. Research determines that drugs in this category have a lower risk for causing physical dependence but have a high risk for psychological dependence. Drugs found in this category include steroids.
  • Schedule Four: These drugs have relatively low risk for abuse and are often used for medical treatment. These drugs rarely lead to physical or psychological dependence. A drug found in this category includes diazepam.
  • Schedule Five: These drugs have the lowest risk for abuse and are often used for medical purposes. Research determines that drugs in this category, such as Tylenol and small amounts of narcotic drugs, do not cause severe psychological or physical dependence.

Schedules are taken into consideration when arrests are made for drug crimes.

Minimum Mandatory Sentence

A conviction of a misdemeanor drug arrest in South Florida carries a jail sentence of up to one year and a $1,000 fine. A conviction of the most minor misdemeanor can impact your life severely – not just from the jail time and fine, but future employment opportunities, too. If convicted, you also can be denied rental housing from an arrest. A conviction also will result in suspension of your driver’s license. Many felony drug charges, such as trafficking, have severe minimum mandatory sentencing, such as 3 to 25 years. Florida law also requires a 3-year minimum mandatory sentence for the sale of certain drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, park, or child care facility.

You may also risk losing the ability to:

  • Adopt or foster a child
  • Receive a student loan
  • Vote

Facing Drug Charges? Call Perlet & Shiner, P.A.

If you have been charged of a drug crime, or believe you will be charged, time is of the essence. You need the help of our highly experienced, tough attorneys. Our West Palm Beach drug crime lawyers at Perlet & Shiner, P.A. will actively and aggressively defend any drug charges brought against you. Representing clients in all areas of South Florida, our criminal lawyers are well-versed in the particular nature of drug crimes and always take time to understand the special circumstances surrounding your particular case.

Arrested? Call (561) 721-0552 our West Palm Beach drug crime attorneys for immediate legal assistance.

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