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I would highly recommend Heidi, this firm and all of its staff to represent anyone facing a legal challenge.

Recently a family member was arrested and I had to find an attorney. My first impression of this firm was very positive. When I first called the individual on the phone listened to my situation and told me she would put me through to someone who could help. Heidi Perlet , her firm, her legal assistant and other staff are second to none. They exhibit total professionalism and compassion in explaining the charges, what it means and what can be expected. They don't make promises or misrepresent anything, they only promise to do the very best job for you and put the work in to ensure that happens. It is refreshing to know that there are some in the legal profession that care and take their job seriously. This firm helped my family member get a second chance because they took the time to learn about his case and history so that they could present the best defense and that is priceless. I would highly recommend Heidi, and this firm and all of its staff to represent anyone facing a legal challenge. If you want a law firm that will look out for your best interest, this is the firm and these are the people that are amazing at what they do. I will never forget.


I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

When I found myself in a bit of trouble I was referred to Heidi Perlet. She was extremely patient with me and took the time to go over every aspect of my case with me. The whole process was very scary, but Heidi made me feel at ease. From the time I walked into the office, the staff was great. By my second time there I knew them all by name, and everyone treated me like a human being and not like a criminal. Heidi's hard work paid off, and she was able to get my case dropped. I owe Heidi my life! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!


I thought my case was impossible to beat but we succeeded thanks to him and his staff!

Marc Shiner made my life so much easier and understood my case well and was very thorough. I was highly recommended to him and once I called his office he personally called me within 5 minutes and he saw me the same day to review my case. He told me from the beginning what would most likely happen to my charges/case and he was absolutely right! I was always informed and updated by him personally or by his assistant. I never felt judged by him or any of the staff regarding details in my case and it was taken serious and remained professional. I'm very happy I hired him to be my attorney. He saved me a lot of stress and time and was worth every penny. If I ever needed an attorney in the future, he would be the one to call. I thought my case was impossible to beat but we succeeded thanks to him and his staff!


We owe our life to Mr. Shiner

Mr. Shiner and his staff allowed my son to come home. He was charged with murder, and Mr. Shiner was the best trial lawyer in America. We owe our life to Mr. Shiner. A million thanks.


I will forever be eternally grateful for all they have done for me.

Getting in trouble with the law is something none of us anticipates will happen to them, but it can and indeed, does happen. How do you evaluate a good attorney? This is something most of us for good reason have little experience with, but if you're reading this review and researching the law firm of Perlet and Shiner, just know you have stumbled upon one of the best firms your money can buy. I had no idea how hard someone would fight for me until I stepped into their office and spoke with Marc Shiner. Thanks to his tremendous skill and experience, he was able to mitigate what would have been truly disastrous charges and got me the best outcome possible. Now I actually have a future and I owe it all to him, words can't describe how appreciative I am. I didn't work with any of the other attorneys in his firm, and there are only five, but I'm sure based on the quality of representation I received that all of them are excellent. So when you weigh the risks of future lost earnings, tarnished reputation and loss of liberty that can be the outcome of having a lawyer who doesn't care about you and doesn't fight as hard as possible for you, take it on my word and the words of the other reviews that Marc's firm is indeed worthy of your trust. Please consider them if you're ever in a situation like I was. I will forever be eternally grateful for all they have done for me.


I would suggest him to anyone that is in need of the best criminal lawyer.

My experience with Marc Shiner has much more than exceeded my expectations. When I first called I was nervous didn't know what to say or do. Calling on a Sunday night I expected a call the next morning; I got a response within 10 minutes on Sunday night from Mr. Shiner his self and was able to schedule a visit. He was very upfront about the possibilities and the cost of an attorney. In my opinion I received a fair price for the more than satisfying results I received. When I arrived the staff was very welcoming and made me feel at home. Mr. Shiner had already reviewed my report and got the opinions of other attorneys regarding my case. Since the first visit I felt more than positive in my selection. I was told it could last 6 months to a year, my case was done in less than two months. He did exactly what he said he would do since the first day , no sugar coating. He is a more than pleasurable man to work with and has restored hope for me and my family. I was told he is the best in criminal cases, and my results proved it. I would suggest him to anyone that is in need of the best criminal lawyer.


They did what I thought was impossible...

My better half was facing 15 years on a drug trafficking charge. I given up hope until I hired this firm. They did what I thought was impossible and now he's back home where he belongs and we have our lives back. thank you so much!

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