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Cordial and attentive-caring service

Mr. Marc Shiner and his superb support staff (Merchi, Janine, Kim) are the most professional and expert law firm with which I've ever had interaction. They have outstanding facilities, and proven successful experience to ensure the best possible resolution to any client's issues. They provide prompt, cordial and attentive-caring service. All attorneys in the firm have impeccable and universally respected resumes and credentials. If I ever need a legal representation again in the Palm Beach area, this is the law firm for me. I was referred by a local government attorney friend, to Mr. Marc Shiner, with my friend making the following simple comment: 'If I ever need legal representation with any issue, Marc Shiner is who I am going to retain. He's absolutely the best.' I couldn't agree more.

Rich P.


Highly recommend

I am so thankful to have been recommended to Heidi Perlet, not only is she knowledgeable, and professional, and good at what she does, she treats you like family. She lays everything out so there are no surprises. Not only is Ms. Perlet, all of these above but I have to say what a pleasure it was also working with her legal assistant Janine Hernandez. There was never a time that my concerns were not addressed. I would highly recommend Perlet & Shiner.

Robbie H.


Thank you for the second opportunity

First off, I would like to greatly appreciate the 2nd chance at life I have received thanks to Marc Shiner and his team. During a devastating time where 15 years of my life could have been spent in prison, Mr. Shiner represented me for my case and managed to make just an unimaginable deal that allowed me to spend my time in home confinement with a few years of probation and grant me a second life, where I am learning from my mistakes and excel from them. Mr. Shiner along with Merchi Fernandez, Heidi, and everyone else on the team, are very caring and trust worthy people at heart who’s main concern are to protect those who come to them. I felt very welcomed and at home whenever visiting Marcs office and even had a couple lunch meetings where we got along. Not only are these people so caring and trustworthy, but very knowledgeable in all aspects of legal standpoints. I would recommend anyone who needs a lawyer to seek out Perlet & Shiner. I learned a lot throughout the months as my case was still going on and I will be forever thankful to the man Marc Shiner and his legal assistance Merchi whom I’ve spent most of the time on the case and a big thank you to Heidi for being at my court date to establish the deal that has me writing this review for you now. Thank you to all of you guys, you’ve made me open my eyes to the real world and I’m really great full for the second opportunity.

Alexis V.


Very satisfied

Perlet & Shiner, P.A. did everything they said they would do and in a timely manner. We are very satisfied. Cant thank them enough.

Michael K.


Very professional

This office was very professional, yet compassionate to the situation at hand! If you have been charged with a serious crime like a felony, this is the Attorney you want to represent you!

Walt H.


Best of lawyers

This office is the best of offices, I am not saying it because the others are not, but thanks to my experience it is the best of lawyers, they are always at your disposal. Keep up with the great value and good quality, blessings abundantly.

Falonne R.


Truly cares for their clients

Where do I begin... I was put into a situation that I never in a million years would have thought I would be in, life's funny twists. Thank heaven my uncle was aware of the magnificent work and staff at Perlet & Shiner. I worked with Heidi who has the ability to listen intently and understand what a stressful time you may be going through. Heidi and her staff worked quickly and decisively to resolve my case with a most satisfying result. I could not be more pleased to recommend a more qualified law firm that truly cares for their clients.

Agent Zero


Highly recommend this firm

Best attorney I could have asked for. Marc Shiner went above and beyond to protect my interests and help me through an extremely difficult time that lasted 3 years. Merchi was always available to me to answer my questions and put me in touch with MarC whenever I needed. All of the members of this firm were fantastic but especially Merchi. They are lucky to have her! felt as if my case, and receiving the best possible outcome was the priority for this firm throughout my entire experience with them. I anticipated the worst and received the best because I was working with the best attorneys in palm beach county. Highly recommend this firm - both Marc and Heidi were instrumental in making this experience as painless as possible.

Bronwyn F.


Helped me out a lot

Perlet and shiner helped me out a lot if you need a lawyer get at them

Kevin U.


I would highly recommend

Hmm, where do I start? I was in Palm beach Gun club sitting for about 20-25 days when I decided to give Marc a call. I had heard through out the jail that Marc was one of the best. When I contacted Marc, he was available right away. He assured me I was in good hands, he took very good care of me. Everything he said he was going to do he did above and beyond. He helped me get a “no file” on my case which was the best outcome I could receive. Although I had met Marc over the phone he treated me like family and kept my family informed through every step and process of my situation. I would highly recommend Marc and his legal team to anyone out there seeking legal help. THANKS MARC I APPRECIATE YOU !!!!!!! Oh and how could I forget his secretary Merchi, she’s amazing! She also went above and beyond to try and help me out with another pending situation I had hanging over my head. Amazing team thank you guys so much!

B Sep


One of the best attorney's in his field

In sharing my experience with whomever is looking for information on an attorney, In a very few words, Marc Shiner is one of the best attorney's in his field. In my life I never expected to have to use s criminal defense attorney but it happened. When I first called the offices of Perlet & Shiner, my call was immediately taken and Marc Shiner and his staff were so responsive to my needs. There was not a minute that went by that I wasn't kept up to date on everything for beginning process to the very end. No matter what time of day, morning or late night or weekends, Marc Shiner was always available to me. He listened to what happened and gathered all the information from all ends to investigate the case and bring it, to a very brief end with a no file/dropped case, within a few weeks. He is thorough, professional, extremely knowledgeable, forthcoming & honest with all aspects of information and most of all, compassionate & understanding to your sometimes unfortunate circumstances you may find yourself in. I would without a doubt, highly recommend Marc Shiner to anyone that may ever need his services. He is truly nothing less than exceptional with our experience. His office and staff that work with him are just as great. Thank you to Marc and everyone that assisted us with our issue and brought it to a quick close. I am grateful.



Professionals with years of experience

Great Law Firm! I highly recommend attorneys Heidi and Marc. They are knowledge professionals with years of experience. Aggressive trial attorneys, they care and fight for their client's rights.

Bianca T.


Fought for me since day 1

Mr. Shiner and his team fought for me since Day 1 and have met my actual expectations in regards of my case

Bruce E.


Quiero agradecerles por excelente trabajo

Quiero agradecerles por excelente trabajo que me ayudaron en mi caso!!!! No les puedo dar más de 5 estrellas si no les daría un millón excelentes abogados profesionales Mrs. Perter and Mr Shiner!!! Gracias por su compresión y su profesionalismos!!! Se los recomiendo a cualquiera que quiera un excelente abogado criminal!!!

Carlos C.




Scott G.


I owe you big time

I made a mistake. But thanks to Patrick Mckamey the consequences aren’t life altering like I thought they’d be. He helped get my DUI charge reduced to a lesser charge and I can move on now. I owe you big time.

Peter J.


They know their stuff

They know their stuff. Robert was confident, caring, and an amazing attorney. You can entrust your future with them.

Stephanie M.


It's definitely better than going to jail

I will give the entire accounting of my experience and why after I finish with my probation. Just finished my 9th probation meeting and am eligible for early termination. Now it's up to Rob Melchiorre to ask the judge for early termination. If Rob does his job and the judge gives the okay, I will be finished. If not, I have 3 more meetings with my probation officer. Hopefully Rob does his job as I paid him $10,000.00 dollars to do it right. This time, we shall see what happens. He was a prosecuting DA and knows all the loop holes. It's definitely better than going to jail !! On another note, Marc Shiner is one of the best attorneys I have ever run across. If you are ever looking for an attorney who know's the 'playing field' Perlet Shiner Melchiorre & Walsh are the absolute best team to have on your side. They are indeed a 5 star team and I highly recommend them! good luck and good fortune to one and all.

Robert H.


You got me the best outcome

Thank you Paul for helping me when I needed it most. You got me the best outcome I could have hoped for and I am eternally grateful. These attorneys are the best and I recommend them to anyone in West Palm Beach who faces criminal charges.

John Z.


Heidi made me feel at ease

When I found myself in a bit of trouble I was referred to Heidi Perlet. She was extremely patient with me and took the time to go over every aspect of my case with me. The whole process was very scary, but Heidi made me feel at ease. From the time I walked into the office, the staff was great. By my second time there I knew them all by name, and everyone treated me like a human being and not like a criminal. Heidi's hard work paid off, and she was able to get my case dropped. I owe Heidi my life! I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

John C.


Rob Melchiorre is nothing less than professional

Rob Melchiorre is nothing less than professional. From the moment we met, he treated me and my husband with respect and understanding to what we were going through. He helped us prevail during our time of need and for that I am so grateful for everything he has done for me and my family.

Kerry J.


Words cannot express the my gratitude

Thank you very much from my family and I. My experience with you was excellent. Words cannot express the my gratitude for what you and your staff have done for my son. I would recommend you to anyone that's in need of a great lawyer! Thanks in regards!

Violet W.


Great Lawyers

Great Lawyers Mr. Walsh was helpful with everything and he

Biggz 4 Life


Heidi made me feel comfortable and at ease

When I first met Heidi I was in a serious situation. She was very kind and compassionate when discussing my case. Heidi made me feel comfortable and at ease. I thought I did not have a way out and with confidence she told me I was in good hands. I can't thank her enough for her hard work, attention to my case and for walking me through this difficult and painful process. I would recommend Heidi as the best Lawyer you could ever hire. Because of her experience and dedication to her cases she was able to get my case resolved with No File. I will be forever grateful to Heidi and her Professional Team.

Maria S.


Kind and amazingly capable attorney - call Heidi Perlet!

Heidi Perlet is perhaps the finest Attorney and Individual I have encountered. From the moment I contacted her she was working diligently to meet my families hour of need. I can't recommend her enough. If you want a respectful, kind and amazingly capable attorney - call Heidi Perlet!

Happy Camper


I highly recommend the services they provide

I highly recommend the services they provide, Rob Melchiorre I also highly recommend he was extremely professional and used perfect expertise with my case. He is very thorough and provides great guarantee with what he knows and does. Thank you. Your firm is greatly appreciated and I am extremely satisfied with the results.

Lydia C.


Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel towards Heidi Perlet

Words cannot describe the gratitude we feel towards Heidi Perlet and her legal assistant janine for the expert and sensitive legal help they provided during our darkest of days. heidi was available to us late at night and present in court early the next morning. she and her assistant provided such expert service and were there to address every single email and phone call at all hours. most of all she was able to achieve a NO FILE against serious charges that had no truth to them. we cannot recomment their services enough to anyone in need of the best criminal lawyer ever look no further her name is Heidi Perlet! if we could give her 10 stars we would.

Rozo Bozo


Mr. Shiner and Ms. Perlet arrived in court FULLY prepared

Marc and Heidi defended me in a case of Battery on a Police Officer and Resisting with Violence. With 3 sworn officers willing to testify that they witnessed both felonies, the case did not look good for us and I was facing up to 10 years in prison. While Perlet-Shiner negotiated a deal that would have seen all charges dropped, with no admission of guilt, I made their jobs that much more difficult by demanding the chance to clear my name and reputation in Court. Even after more than two years, Mr. Shiner and Ms. Perlet arrived in court FULLY prepared. Their grasp of the events, their recollection of prior statements by the officers and their knowledge of the law were simply stellar. As a result of their meticulous preparation, the officers' stories were demonstrated to be contradictory to each other, to their arrest reports, to their depositions and to the facts. I was found Not Guilty of either felony; my reputation has been restored and the threat of prison has passed. I can recommend this firm as being passionate about the law, professional beyond expectation and deeply committed to their clients. If you find yourself behind the curve, with the full weight of the State bearing down on you, you simply could not ask for better representation than Perlet-Shiner.

Rich L.


Marc Shiner and staff are very helpful & knowledgeable

Marc Shiner and staff are very helpful & knowledgeable. If you’re looking for legal assistance, you will be in great hands with this firm. Thanks again for your services!

Hanai F.


Marc got me a second chance at life!

Great attorney who cares about his clients with an amazing staff, he communicates very well with his client and is on time to court! Marc got me a second chance at life! I highly recommend using him!

Mia TheMistake


Extremely satisfied with the outcome

Marc Shiner was amazing along with his staff, from the moment we contacted him to the end. He was professional and worked on our case just as he said he would. We are very thankful and appreciate everything he did for us. Extremely satisfied with the outcome. Thanks Marc and the law firm staff.

Lizzeth R.


Innocent people need attorneys too. Thank you Heidi

I was faced with false allegations. I was referred to Heidi Perlet. She saved my life. I cannot say enough about the thoroughness of her work for me and her actions restore my reputation, my career and my family. I would suggest that anyone facing criminal charges put themselves in the capable hand of Mrs. Perlet. She was relentless in her efforts to expose the truth, arrange the facts concisely and get the information to the correct people. Her standing in the legal system was evident as she put me at ease and logically progressed through the steps. The result was that no charges were filed against me. I would recommend her to anyone who needs professional guidance through what could be a life changing event. She will protect you every step of the way. Innocent people need attorneys too. Thank you Heidi.

Jet S.


She has a heart and cares about justice for her clients

Ms. Heidi Perlet is a true advocate for her clients. She has a heart and cares about justice for her clients. I have used her services more than once and can tell you that she is a true professional who stays on top of every part of her case. She keeps her clients abreast of every small detail and her staff especially Janine her secretary is a sweet heart who is always happy to help. Thank you Heidi and your staff for making me feel that there is someone out there looking out for the little guy without judgement.

Lazaro H.


I recommend you call Perlet & Shiner

Look, you've arrived at this page for a reason. Whether that reason is minor, or whether your future hinges on a

Lucas G.


Heidi and Janine have made it possible to have the best outcome

it could possibly be because I feel they truly care about their clients. I know that I wouldn't have had the same if I would have chosen a public defender. Every time I had a question, called or emailed they responded immediately and answered every single question.

Cynthia C.


5 star review

Victoria C.


I highly recommend this law firm!

They make the entire process smooth, seamless and they go the extra mile for their clients.

Robert W.


Perlet & Shiner are hands down the ones you want by your side if you find yourself in an unfortunate legal situation

Heidi Perlet is not just an attorney; she is a kind, genuine person who truly cares. Same can be said about her assistant Janine. From the initial consultation to the conclusion of the case, I felt extremely confident the entire way through that Heidi would get the best possible outcome. I've dealt with a few high powered law firms in Palm Beach and none of them hold a candle to these guys.



Marc definitely exceeded my expectations

Marc definitely exceeded my expectations. He didn’t have much time to work on my case since I came from another attorney and my trial date was soon but was sure to put in the work to get me a deal I didn’t think was possible. His assistant Merchi’s communication was amazing and helped keep things at ease while awaiting those long periods in between court dates. Thank you.

Jake S.


Mr Shiner and his staff did a fantastic job and delivered great results

I cannot say enough good things about this firm they handled my sons case and went above and beyond my expectations,Mr Shiner and his staff did a fantastic job and delivered great results.

Exel M.


I loved Mark Shiner’s service

I can’t even express how much I loved Mark Shiner’s service, he is honest and always deal with perfect integrity! Even when we though it was impossible he made is possible! He’s very professional and will not make any false promises and is very very understanding person and beyond professional! If you don’t choose him as your lawyer then you don’t want real results! His staff is awesome especially merchi his assistant she follows up with you on everything!

The 2 Best sister


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

During an unfortunate time, we needed to hire an attorney. We were referred to Heidi for legal counsel, and I do not regret making the decision to choose her to represent us! Heidi and her staff answered all our questions and worked diligently to get our case thrown out, which that’s exactly what she did! Heidi and Janine, her assistant, were supporting us from the very beginning, prior to us even hiring them as counsel. Furthermore, she offered her legal advise and fought for us from day one. If it had not been for her counsel, before we hired her, we may still be fighting this case. We had several consults with other attorneys, but we chose her. I immediately felt comfortable with Heidi and her staff. We drove an hour away to choose her. This may sound crazy to some, as we were surrounded by several attorneys in the area. But, I knew she was the right fit for us! Thank you Heidi and Janine for doing your best and providing the outcome that our family needed! Best of luck to you and your practice!

Amanda S.


I’d hire Heidi Perlet again

I hired Heidi Perlet to represent my brother on a misdemeanor simple battery charge. After researching and contacting several attorneys with criminal defense experience in the Palm Beach County area, I chose Ms. Perlet because she responded to my query herself, on a weekend and got right to business reviewing the facts of my brother’s case. Working with Heidi was a pleasure: my brother and I found her to be a good listener, patient, down-to-earth and thorough. Communication from Heidi and her legal assistant, Janine Hernandez, was exceptional. I appreciate the outstanding legal work Heidi did on my brother’s behalf. Thanks mostly to her representation of my brother, there was a favorable resolution to his case. I’ve never hired a criminal attorney before and if I should ever need one again, I’d hire Heidi Perlet again.

Margaret R.


They are the best

This law firm represented me twice and did an outstanding job! In my eye, they are the best in Palm Beach county. Hands up to Heidi, Janine and staff, they did an exceptional job.

Chris P.


Great Firm

Never needed a lawyer before, but Marc and his firm took care of me through some stressful times. They walked me through the process and guided me towards the best course of action. Marc understood what mattered to me, and Merchi has been extremely helpful with all my needs and questions. Overall, good people and a great firm!

Osiel L.


Top-notch criminal defense firm

Top-notch criminal defense firm with exceptional personal attention. I highly recommend Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh to anyone needing a top-notch criminal defense in the West Palm Beach / South-Florida area. If you are seeking the best legal advice available, you should consider this firm. Heidi Perlet and Rob Melchiorre have represented me successfully in three cases. I felt confident knowing that I had the best possible representation — that goes a long way toward alleviating some of the stress from what can be a very stressful situation. I consulted with several firms before I decided to go with Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh. I am extremely pleased with my decision both for the legal outcomes they obtained and for the exceptional people that I have had the pleasure to meet. Heidi and team always exhibited complete professionalism and compassion at each stage of the process. They were consistently approachable, professional, understanding, and personable. They were both honest and realistic in their assessment of the charges — and didn’t over-promise results — instead they worked hard and delivered them! Not a single unanswered call or email, no runaround explanations or hidden fees, just an amazing team. If you want a law firm that will truly look out for your best interest, this is the firm and these are the people that are amazing at what they do. I would highly recommend Heidi, Rob, this firm, and all of its staff. I am truly grateful for everything they’ve done. Consider this my sincere “Thank You” and commendation. Simply put, if you require the services of a top-notch defense attorney in South Florida, your first call should be to Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh.

Mark K.


I would suggest him to anyone that is in need of the best criminal lawyer

My experience with Marc Shiner has much more than exceeded my expectations. When I first called I was nervous didn't know what to say or do. Calling on a Sunday night I expected a call the next morning; I got a response within 10 minutes on Sunday night from Mr. Shiner his self and was able to schedule a visit. He was very upfront about the possibilities and the cost of an attorney. In my opinion I received a fair price for the more than satisfying results I received. When I arrived the staff was very welcoming and made me feel at home. Mr. Shiner had already reviewed my report and got the opinions of other attorneys regarding my case. Since the first visit I felt more than positive in my selection. I was told it could last 6 months to a year, my case was done in less than two months. He did exactly what he said he would do since the first day, no sugar coating. He is a more than pleasurable man to work with and has restored hope for me and my family. I was told he is the best in criminal cases, and my results proved it. I would suggest him to anyone that is in need of the best criminal lawyer.

Marlena A.


Mi experiencia con el señor Shiner fue excelente

Mi experiencia con el señor Shiner fue excelente. Mi hijo había sido arrestado por cargos muy graves en el condado de Palm Beach y contratamos al señor Shiner.Estudió el caso de mi hijo, fue amable, respetuoso y solidario hacia nosotros. En la oficina nos ayudó mucho la Señorita Merchi ya que habla perfecto español y nos explicaba todo. El señor Shiner solucionó todos los problemas que otros abogados no podían resolver. Fue muy dura la lucha, su trabajo en la corte era implacable. Para cada nuevo problema, él encontraba una solución. Luchó en la corte con gran experiencia y sabiduría. El señor Shiner es, sin duda, el mejor abogado, si ustedes tienen necesidad de que se defiendan sus derechos, les recomiendo que lo contraten, fue el dinero mejor invertido en toda mi vida. Señor Shiner: Gracias por el trabajo que realiza para la humanidad, para esas personas que, como nosotros, han caído en desgracia. Gracias Gracias Gracias.

Filomena M.


They did what I thought was impossible

My better half was facing 15 years on a drug trafficking charge. I given up hope until I hired this firm. They did what I thought was impossible and now he's back home where he belongs and we have our lives back. thank you so much!

Olivia P.


This law firm is the only one you should consider

Make no mistake... if you or someone you care about is in need of an attorney, this law firm is the only one you should consider! Heidi Perlet answered my desperate phone call very early one Saturday morning and my daughter and I will be forever grateful she did. She immediately got to work helping my daughter get quickly out of jail and worked diligently with her to resolve her situation with the best possible outcome. She was readily available early in the morning or late at night and always provided an honest prospective...a reassuring factor during an extremely stressful time. At a later date, Paul Walsh stepped up to work closely with my daugther to, once again, lessen what could have been a very difficult outcome. Heidi and her team, including Janine, stood by my daugther and fought very hard for her to have a second chance. We both couldn't be more grateful for their efforts, honesty, compassion, hard work, and willingness to do all they could to help. Most importantly, Heidi genuinely cared about my daughter's welfare and her future. I will be forever thankful for hard work and



I immediately knew I was in good hands

I had never been arrested before and the entire process was beyond scary. When I met Rob Melchiorre during the initial consultation, I immediately knew I was in good hands. I was right. He was confident and highly knowledgeable, and those attributes helped get all charges against me dropped. I highly recommend this lawfirm to anyone who needs a top-notch criminal defense lawyer in West Palm Beach.

Justin A.


All of them are really professional and helpful

They were great, all of them are really professional and helpful. Guided me in the right way to get everything I needed done and were with me every through every step.

Cristian A.


Paul is a great lawyer

Paul is a great lawyer. He told me what my exact outcome so I was not in for a surprise. He fought for me to the end. I could not have not choosen a better lawyer. This office has always had the best outcome for criminal cases from my research. Thanks again P.Walsh

Ivan R.


Marc Shiner, Merchi and the ENTIRE staff were amazing!!!

Marc Shiner, Merchi and the ENTIRE staff were amazing!!! Marc Shiner went above and beyond to help with our case and I could never have gotten through it without him... I highly recommend him and his firm!!! We were stranded almost 1,000 miles from home, on vacation, and Marc and his staff did everything they could to help get the case resolved, with a positive outcome... I'd give 10 stars, if I could!!! THANK YOU, MARC, MERCHI AND EVERYONE IN THE OFFICE!!!

Jeremy L.


I love his honesty and I appreciate how he breaks down the process

I referred a client to Mr. Shiner and she received excellent services. I love his honesty and I appreciate how he breaks down the process. His staff were welcoming and responded to calls in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend him.

Vardine S.


Anyone would be foolish not to call

Few weeks ago I was in a situation where I got arrested for Domestic Violence and Battery and was facing serious charges. Just like any regular person I had no idea who to turn to or hire. I found Mr Paul Walsh through the internet I read his reviews I liked what I read and set up a meeting. The consultation was free. He gave me 100% attention, he was professional and understanding. Mr Walsh is very knowledgeable with the Law from both sides he was a prosecutor as well. His fee was reasonable, I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs representation, he is very committed and always a phone call away. Mr. Walsh was able to get me back to my Home within a few days and right after that he got the case dismissed before even court hearing date. Mr. Walsh is the best and most effective lawyer I have ever hired. He gives 110 percent and with a very good outcome. Anyone would be foolish not to call him, he knows the law and how to defend your love one. Thank you, Mr. T E.

Tahar E.


Paul Walsh was awesome to work with!

Paul Walsh was awesome to work with! Handled the case involving multiple charges and achieved the best possible outcome. He didn't penny pinch us on minor items and subsequent related advice. He was well worth the fees we paid!

Donald C.


I felt like I had a defense lawyer

Having to deal with a serious felony charge terrified me. I needed more than ambulance chasers to defend me. I interviewed three highly recommended, reputable law firms. I felt more comfortable with Marc Shiner. The initial interview lasted most of the afternoon - because Marc wanted to know everything about me - the facts of the charges were pretty clear. We also discussed strategies for a defense that would most likely be successful. I learned that he had defended others successfully with like charges. By the end of the interview, I felt like I had a defense lawyer, so I asked that he defend me. The case took months to resolve. Marc was generous with his time. The staff and the other lawyers in the firm - to say they acted professionally and caring would be an understatement. My emotions were never in a happy place - I was scared of prison time. Marc took all the time needed to reassure me that the case would turn-out well. When I witnessed how deferential the court officers and the judge were to Marc, then I felt I had a fighting chance. In the end, the prosecutor, who was hell-bent to putting me away, decided to drop the case. The charges were dropped. That happened last week. I'm still recovering from the shock.

Terry M.


My case outcome exceeded my expectations

They Handled every detail professionally, efficiently, timely and cost-effectively too My case outcome exceeded my expectations I had evaluated a number of different attorneys for my case, PSMW had that little extra when I made my choice, they made a big difference when it came to representing me. Simply excellent.

Jim S.


They're the best!

Marc Shiner & Heidi Perlet are the best attorneys I've ever had the pleasure to work with and know. They have the experience and knowledge to take care of your legal needs efficiently and timely with compassion and genuine concern for their clients well being. They're the best!

Lisa B.


The best attorneys and the best results

the best legal assistants, the best attorneys and the best results, I highly recommend!

Milfrid N.


Heidi and her staff helped me tremendously

Heidi and her staff helped me tremendously. I had a wrongful charge against me because of an exgirlfriend's alcoholism. They knew right away the best way to handle the situation. I didnt even have to make a court appearance. Unfortunately a lot of criminal defense attorneys will take your money and do nothing more than get you what a public defenders office will do for you. Sadly, justice is expensive in our society. That being said you're getting your money's worth with Heidi and her staff. Thanks again for all your help.

James S.


I highly recommend Marc Shiner

My experience with Marc Shiner, Merchi and all of the staff who assisted me was exemplary. They were patient, responsive to my concerns and thorough. Everyone I dealt with treated me with dignity, respect and courtesy. This was a very scary time for me and they helped make my life much easier. If you are looking for a great attorney, I highly recommend Marc Shiner.

Remain Anonymous


Phenomenal service a expertise!!

Phenomenal service a expertise!! Marc Shiner is one of the best in Florida. Got handed a rough situation where I wasn’t sure of the outcome, and Mr. Shiner along with his legal team was dedicated the whole way! They routinely kept me updated and discussed possible resolutions. The whole case ended with a no file!!! Allow Mr. Marc Shiner to represent you today! Don’t take any chances, he knows what he is doing with over 30 years experience!!

Ryan B.


Highly recommend to anyone and would use again!!

Very professional and informative with my dealings with this firm. Highly recommend to anyone and would use again!!

Ki-Juan M..


Heidi Perlet is an excellent attorney

Heidi Perlet is an excellent attorney; diligent, involved and hardworking. She was there in moments of despair and came through for us. I will recommend her to anyone in need of a defense attorney. 100% Thank you Heidi!!

Samanthia J.


I was extremely happy with them. Super friendly staff

They were very professional, very knowledgeable and I was extremely happy with them. Super friendly staff. I would definitely recommend to anyone

Boris F.


The entire firm was so supportive, professional, and friendly

Heidi Perlet was the attorney that took on a case for a loved one that I wanted to help. The entire firm was so supportive, professional, and friendly - this meant everything to me since I live out of the state and could not be present for all of the meetings and court hearings that took place there. I always knew to expect a call a few days before a court appearance with briefing on the plans moving forward and would get a call the day after the appearance with a calm and succinct report of what happened and where we were headed next. Perlet & Shiner, P.A. were very upfront about cost in our case and let me know right away if there was going to be any additional costs outside of what we had established. As you can imagine this is one major source of stress that they work to minimize as best as they can. When Heidi Perlet met with the client and gathered the facts of the case she stated that she would see to it that they would not do jail time and the outcome of this case did NOT yield any jail time. If you find yourself or someone that you love in a situation where you need the services of a criminal attorney- Perlet & Shiner, P.A. is 100% who you should call. In fact, if you are reading this * Put their number in your phone just in case you need it!*

Gretchen B.


They were always available to guide me through the legal process

Heidi and Janine were efficient and provided the best professional service. From beginning to end, they were always available to guide me through the legal process. Thank you so much. I highly recommend Perlet & Shiner, P.A.

Ashley E.


I cannot imagine there is a better firm across the U.S. to represent them

A family member was in need of the legal services and we were referred to Perlet & Shiner in West Palm Beach by local businesses and other legal groups based on their knowledge and integrity. We were uncertain of the implications and potential outcome of the legal matter. Heidi Perlet was immediately available to discuss the issues and explain the various steps of the judicial process. With a team of experts, including Janine Hernandez, the communication, decisive action and follow-up they delivered was beyond expectations. Heidi and the team not only had resources and expertise internally, but an external network to support key needs and issues. Throughout this process, Heidi was on-target strategizing our course of action and focusing on potential outcomes and next steps. We could never have predicted such wonderful support, kindness and perseverance during this process, which resulted in a very positive outcome. For anyone who is in need of this type of legal services, I cannot imagine there is a better firm across the U.S. to represent them. We are forever thankful to the Perlet & Shiner Team.

Jason C.


Thank you 100% recommended!!!!!

I can honestly say that being represented by Mrs Heidi made me feel not only secure but also she has this thing that brings you relieve even trough the worst of times and her assistant Jeannine Too. I’m truly thankful for that. Thank you 100% recommended!!!!!

Jay M.


By far the best experience I have had with a law firm

Marc Shiner and Merchi not only helped me with my legal situation but also helped me turn my life around. The staff really pays attention to there clients and goes above and beyond, Marc Shiner make you feel comfortable and really explanes every single detail that is going on in your case. Highly recommend Perlet & Shiner, P.A.

Juan P.


15 years ago I was arrested for a crime that I did not commit

It was a completely made up crime by someone that wanted revenge on me. I was scared since I have never been arrested before and I had no idea what to do next, who to turn to or how to navigate the legal system. I ended up in the conference room of Perlet & Shiner. Heidi Perlet made me feel comfortable and helped put my mind and heart at ease. She also let me know what the next steps were and told me not to worry about it because that was her job. 15 years later I called Perlet & Shiner because I wanted this situation expunged from my record. When I called they remembered me and happily helped make that happen. Heidi will ALWAYS have a place in my heart for what she did for me. I am struggling writing this review becomes my emotions overwhelm me with tears, even though it was 15 years ago, it is still fresh in my mind. My wife and I are thankful to you for helping a newly married and scared young couple through the roughest time of their lives. We are grateful to you Heidi, forever.

Animals Rule


Superb Law firm, Mr. Shiner is an amazing attorney, kind and compassionate!

Having to see an attorney is stressful regardless of the circumstance. Feeling that he is going to fight for you .Eases your stress. Merchi,his assistant is an Angel! Caring and real, guides you through everything.with kindness and patience. Would highly recommend!

Jill C.


The best criminal defense lawyer

The best criminal defense lawyer west palm beach Florida state has right now. He gave my family more than hope he said I'm going to do this and he did even more. His word is his bond and for that I'll always his services.

Jenelle D.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

David P.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I contracted Marc Shiner on a situation where my son was charged with two felonies. Marc Shiner went above and beyond in handling my son’s case. He was very response to my calls. He was very easy to speak to and really wanted to learn about my son and the case. The result, I believe, was an outcome as good as anyone could have achieved. Marc Shiner was genuine with his words and he kept updated every step of the way with what could happen and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. He showed legitimate care for my son and the case. I would highly recommend him for your legal needs. Thank you for everything. He was an answer to my prayer.

Shahnaz K.


He's absolutely the best

Mr. Marc Shiner and his superb support staff (Merchi, Janine, Kim) are the most professional and expert law firm with which I've ever had interaction. They have outstanding facilities, and proven successful experience to ensure the best possible resolution to any client's issues. They provide prompt, cordial and attentive-caring service. All attorneys in the firm have impeccable and universally respected resumes and credentials. If I ever need a legal representation again in the Palm Beach area, this is the law firm for me. I was referred by a local government attorney friend, to Mr. Marc Shiner, with my friend making the following simple comment: “If I ever need legal representation with any issue, Marc Shiner is who I am going to retain. He's absolutely the best.”

Rich P.


Marc is who you want to call

My experience with Marc Shiner was awesome. I had a legal problem and Marc eased me through the process working diligently on my case. He kept me informed the whole process of anything and was very open and available to any questions or concerns I had. Marc was able to get my case dismissed, I am very happy i chose Marc to help me. His office and staff that work with him are just as great. If you ever get into some trouble Marc is who you want to call.

Kevys G.


Incredible Attorney

Mr Shiner is an incredible attorney, he is kind & compassionate about your circumstances & goes the extra mile to give you the best outcome possible. He had recommended a work program when I was serving my sentence in jail & it was the best advice he could ever have given me. I was able to work everyday & it kept me mentally & physically safe. His assistant Merchi is also an asset to his practice. She helped me with all my concerns & worries & always seemed to have a calming way in doing so . As much as my experience was the most difficult thing I ever had to do somehow Mr. Shiner made it as bearable as possible & for this I thank him . I would recommend his law firm along with his staff that are higher qualified in helping with life dilemma’s.

Lisa C.


Excellent lawyers

Louise J.


Grateful for Heidi and her team

Grateful for Heidi and her team making a huge difference in a family member's life.

Ralph S.


They will do everything they can for you

Marc Shiner and Heidi Perlet saved my career, my 2nd amendment rights, and most importantly my life. I was referred to Marc and Heidi from another attorney in West Palm Beach after being arrested for the first time in my life. It was an extremely scary moment and for the first time in my life I didn’t have control of a extremely traumatic situation. I was removed from my home that I owned for 10 years and I was not allowed to return for some time. As a business owner who holds multiple state licenses in order to operate the type of businesses I own, I was at risk of losing those licenses and being put out of work. This not only jeopardized me, but it also jeopardized all of my employees livelihoods along with their spouses and children who depend on me. As an avid outdoorsmen, my second amendment rights were in jeopardy of being lost forever due to the allegations against me. The attorney who referred me to Marc and Heidi promised me that I was in good hands and he told me he would even retain Marc and Heidi if his own son was put into my situation. I knew I was in good hands after meeting with Heidi on the first consultation. Her assistant Janine was very helpful and made me feel safe in this situation. Heidi promised me she would do her absolute best to get the case resolved with a favorable outcome. It was the worst time of my life. I had a crazy alleged victim, who would rival Amber Heard, out to try to ruin my reputation and life. Three weeks went by after the first arrest and then I was arrested again for a 2nd case involving the same alleged victim in the first case. The State attempted to warehouse me with a $100,000 bond and the media was present in the courtroom. I thought my life was really over at that point. That was rock bottom. This is when I met Marc Shiner. After several meetings and phone calls, he assured me he would do everything possible and there was still hope. He told me that I was one of his favorite clients and he really did care about me. I knew that they would fight for me in every way possible AND THEY DID. They took powerful depositions and took their time to do their homework with them. They were always prepared to do their best and they always kept me updated. Their assistants Janine and Kim are absolute professionals. Kim and Janine always reflected confidence in the firm and always assured me I was in the best hands and chose the best firm possible. Ultimately Marc and Heidi resolved my cases with a plea deal that allowed me to maintain my business licenses, get my second amendment back, and move on with my life learning very valuable and important lessons. I cannot say THANK YOU enough and I cannot stress enough that they saved my life. I hope they know how much I mean that. My family and I would pray to God that He would guide them and give them clarity on helping me. Now I pray for their safety so that they can continue to fight for their new clients and provide the best outcome possible for all of them. If you are reading this and are lost and scared and do not know who you can trust, rest assured that you can trust Marc and Heidi and they will do everything they can for you. Just call them. Thank You Marc, Heidi, Janine, and Kim. I love you guys and you'll always be in my prayers.

Phil H.


By far the most professional and prepared lawyers

Heidi and Marc really took care of my boyfriend in a terrible time of need and were a shining light in what felt like a constantly desperate and bleak situation.
When an accuser is labeled as a “victim” in police reporting regardless of whether they are telling the truth about violent behavior,
the “justice” system tosses men aside like they are exactly what the accuser says they are.
A cold disgusting jail cell is no place for an innocent and honest man to sleep for days because an ex girlfriend is upset about being broken up with. Let alone the countless drug tests, sleepless nights and constant stress that came afterward.
Heidi and Marc advocate for those who are presumed /guilty until proven innocent/ in a system that is built to destroy people’s lives with no return to normalcy.
They really went above and beyond to ensure that the truth came out and that my boyfriend’s rights were maintained throughout the arduous and violent process of an accusation and conviction.
They were by far the most professional and prepared lawyers for the case and we are eternally grateful for their hard work.
If you are scared and unsure of where to turn to help with what you are dealing with, give them a call.
Thank you!

Lourdes M.


The staff were very professional

Great experience with this firm. Heidi was great from the beginning until the end of the case. She is extremely genuine, knowledgeable and will work quickly to resolve the problem. We also had a great communication from begging to end. The staff were very professional, friendly and caring. I would definitely recommend it to anyone I know.

James G.


I could not be happier

All of my experience with this law firm has been excellent. Heidi was very supportive from the beginning until the end of the case. She allowed me to have that peace of mind that I needed and could not find in other attorneys. She was also very knowledgeable and a kind hearted lawyer, always honest and responsive. My case was brought to a very satisfactory conclusion. I could not be happier! The staff was also very friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend this firm to anyone in need of outstanding representation. Thank you so much Heidi, Janine and Kim for your superior customer services.

Sandra J.


I felt comfortable from the start

Are you looking for a criminal lawyer in Palm Beach county ? Well, there’s a reason Perlet and Shiner have a 5 star rating. I wish I was this confident in the ratings while I was trying to choose a lawyer, so that’s why I’m here typing to you. So I can do you the favor, like it was done for me, when I was referred Heidi Perlet. I can honestly tell you, Heidi saved my life. Of course we all know, everyone case is different. And like Heidi says “ You should always feel super comfortable with your lawyer”.
With Heidi I felt comfortable from the start. She sat down with me and presented all the options and possibilities. After I payed the firm, Heidi began working things from her end. And let’s just say, she does a magnificent job. I think she was 15-20 years as prosecutor for West Palm before she became a defense attorney. So she is familiar with everyone in Palm beach county, and they are with her as well, which I don’t think is a bad thing.
Hopefully this review helps someone. I was very blessed to have met Heidi Perlet.

K. S.


I was extremely pleased

Heidi Perlet was very attentive to my case and needs. I was extremely pleased with her openess to my requests to file motions and seek orders in my case.
Being a high profile case I was especially impressed that she kept it out of the media and put my exposure ahead of her own.
I would definitely recommend her services to anyone with a criminal case... even as a personal counselor.

Michael L.


Honestly helped my family find peace and comfort again

Amazing experience with this law firm. Heidi has helped my brother in so many ways and has honestly helped my family find peace and comfort again. I can't thank Heidi and her team enough for all that they have done for us.



Amazing people

Heidi Perlet and her team are amazing people. They helped my brother get the justice he deserves and helped my family find peace.

Car Motive


Went above and beyond

Marc, Heidi and Janine were extremely helpful! They have satisfied all my requests and went above and beyond what is expected from an attorney. I would recommend this firm to any and all of my friends and family in the event their lively hood is on the line. They truly care and want to help. I’m extremely happy I chose them!



Great court experience

When looking for a professional attorney and great court experience look to the law firm of Perlet and Shiner they will give you the best result and always in contact with you with your case.

Winston S.


I would highly recommend Heidi, this firm and all of its staff to represent anyone facing a legal challenge

Recently a family member was arrested and I had to find an attorney. My first impression of this firm was very positive. When I first called the individual on the phone listened to my situation and told me she would put me through to someone who could help. Heidi Perlet, her firm, her legal assistant and other staff are second to none. They exhibit total professionalism and compassion in explaining the charges, what it means and what can be expected. They don't make promises or misrepresent anything, they only promise to do the very best job for you and put the work in to ensure that happens. It is refreshing to know that there are some in the legal profession that care and take their job seriously. This firm helped my family member get a second chance because they took the time to learn about his case and history so that they could present the best defense and that is priceless. I would highly recommend Heidi, and this firm and all of its staff to represent anyone facing a legal challenge. If you want a law firm that will look out for your best interest, this is the firm and these are the people that are amazing at what they do. I will never forget.


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