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Heidi Perlet Esq.

Heidi Perlet Esq.

Trial Attorney

As founding Partner of Perlet & Shiner, P.A., 24 years ago, Ms. Perlet’s hard work and vision of creating Palm Beach County’s top, prominent criminal defense firm has been realized. Over the past 24 years, the firm has attracted the finest attorneys in the community, a fact of which Ms. Perlet is extremely proud, and a fact that is well recognized by lawyers and Judges.

As a West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer at Perlet & Shiner, P.A., Ms. Perlet has gained a reputation as an ethical, respected lawyer with 31 years of experience. Over the course of her career, Ms. Perlet has had 200 Jury and non-jury trials. She has a reputation for being a passionate, tough, creative and thorough litigator both at the state and federal level. As a former Palm Beach County Prosecutor, Ms. Perlet has the unique advantage of understanding both sides of a criminal case, giving her strong and invaluable insight into the government’s case. While a prosecutor with the Palm Beach County Attorney’s Office, Ms. Perlet was appointed by the governor of Florida as a special prosecutor to handle a number of cases on behalf of the government.

Ms. Perlet’s hard work, thorough examination, and creative handling of her cases has led to many favorable resolutions, including dismissal of charges, reduction of charges, successful hard-fought negotiations, and successful jury verdicts. Ms. Perlet handles a wide range of criminal charges, with a focus on such offenses as computer crimes, child pornography, sexual assault / battery, all drug crimes, conspiracy, white collar crimes, human sex trafficking, DUI manslaughter, DUI serious bodily injury, murder, Medicare fraud, federal violations of supervised release, Nebbia Hold Hearings, federal crimes against the United States, including espionage and all other felonies.

Ms. Perlet is admitted to practice in Florida and New Jersey, U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida and the U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. She practices in all state courts throughout Florida and all federal courts in the U.S.

Ms. Perlet is a member of the Florida Association Criminal Defense Lawyers; Palm Beach County Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Florida Association of Woman Lawyers, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

A native New Yorker, Ms. Perlet received her B.A. from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and earned her law degree from Nova Southeastern University.

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