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West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer / William “Bill” Zloch Esq.
William “Bill” Zloch Esq.

William “Bill” Zloch Esq.

Trial Attorney

William “Bill” Zloch Esq. joins Perlet & Shiner, P.A., after working over twenty-six years as an Assistant United States Attorney. As an Assistant United States Attorney, Mr. Zloch tried 30 federal criminal cases to verdict, which resulted in convictions in twenty-six of those cases. He personally directed hundreds of criminal investigations, handled bond hearings, motions to suppress, supervised release violations, competency hearings, and contested sentencings. Most recently, he worked in the Asset Forfeiture Division, where he seized and forfeited money, cars, and homes connected to criminal activity.  Through his time as a federal prosecutor, United States District Court Judges have commended him for his trial skills and professionalism. He has also been recognized by different law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, DEA, and ICE.  Mr. Zloch graduated from Notre Dame Law School after he received his B.A. from the University of Florida.  Mr. Zloch’s time as a federal prosecutor has given him the experience of having personally observed and learned the internal policies and procedures of the Department of Justice and its federal agencies. This experience gives Mr. Zloch a unique perspective, allowing him to effectively identify weaknesses in cases, which can lead to favorable resolutions on behalf of his clients.  Mr. Zloch also has an active asset forfeiture recovery practice where he represents clients facing administrative forfeiture, criminal and civil asset forfeiture. He also conducts asset forfeiture settlement negotiations.

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