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Stand April 2, 2021

Bill Introduced To Repeal “Stand Your Ground” Law In Florida … Again

As they have done in successive years since 2012, a Florida Democratic State Senator or Representative has put forth a bill intended to repeal the state’s “stand your ground” law, with this year’s main sponsor being State Senator Shevrin Jones. Sen. Jones filed a similar bill in 2019, which died without a single committee… Read More »

DomesViol March 26, 2021

Does Domestic Violence Have To Be Physical?

When one thinks of domestic violence, physical abuse is what comes to mind for the majority. However, abuse can manifest in multiple forms, any of which can cause serious harm to victims. Since every state’s definition is different, it can be confusing as to which types of abuse are legally actionable – actions that… Read More »

CrimLaw10 March 5, 2021

Charged With Domestic Violence – But I’m Innocent!

If someone says they have been the victim of the crime, the general reaction is to believe them. This is especially true of a crime like domestic violence, particularly when the alleged victim is smaller than the aggressor. That said, a small percentage of allegations of domestic violence are false, and if you are… Read More »

SelfDef2 February 26, 2021

Domestic Violence & Self-Defense

Being arrested and charged with domestic violence can leave a person shell-shocked, especially if they have never been in trouble with the law before. However, that shell shock can put you in even more serious trouble, because you may neglect to divulge any potential mitigating factors if you are too frightened or too stunned… Read More »

Arrested3 February 12, 2021

Will I Lose Custody Of My Kids After A Domestic Violence Charge?

If you are arrested and charged with domestic violence, you may have to face potential consequences in your life even if you are not convicted of anything, though the consequences upon conviction will understandably be more severe. One of the worst is that domestic abusers can and do lose custody of their children if… Read More »

Arrested5 February 4, 2021

Do Police Have To Arrest Me For Domestic Violence?

In some states, police who are called to the scene of a domestic dispute must, by law, arrest at least one of the people involved. This is usually rationalized by saying that even if a domestic dispute does not reach the level of intimate partner violence, it is a breach of the peace. Alternatively,… Read More »

CrimLaw6 January 14, 2021

The Williams Rule In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

If you are charged with a crime, and your case goes to trial, certain things are normally understood as features of U.S. criminal procedure, such as the fact that prosecutors normally are not permitted to offer evidence of the defendant’s character unless the defendant does it first. In many cases, character evidence is not… Read More »

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