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DistraughtMan2 January 7, 2021

Perceptions Of Gender In Domestic Violence Cases

In early November 2020, a Manatee County woman was arrested and charged with killing her husband, though she alleged that she did so in self-defense. As of this writing, law enforcement has found no evidence of self-defense, though the ultimate outcome of her case remains to be seen. Historically, when one thinks of domestic… Read More »

Advocate December 28, 2020

Criminal And Civil Consequences Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a criminal offense in Florida, carrying a sentence of varying severity depending on the underlying crime. However, what many people who are criminally charged with domestic violence are not aware of until too late is that they may also be civilly sued over the same incident. While civil suits cannot put… Read More »

CrimDefLawyer December 22, 2020

Domestic Violence As Your First Offense

For some people, it is unfortunately far too easy to react to a situation with anger or even violence, and no matter how remorseful they may be, they must still face the consequences. This is the case for a significant minority of domestic violence defendants, especially if their being charged with the offense is… Read More »

CrimDef10 December 3, 2020

Domestic Violence In Your Past? You May Face Problems In The Future

Domestic violence is a very serious offense, but like any other person convicted of a crime, you deserve a chance to start fresh upon serving your sentence. However, domestic violence is considered to be such a serious crime that having a conviction on your record can stay with you long after any debt to… Read More »

CrimLaw10 November 19, 2020

Palm Beach County Man Uses COVID-19 As Domestic Violence Defense

August 2020 saw a unique first in Florida law, when a 45-year old Palm Beach County man pled a defense to domestic violence that blamed his actions on the novel coronavirus. He was arrested after striking his girlfriend multiple times with a leather belt, saying he needed to “remove the demon within her.” The… Read More »

Arrested4 November 3, 2020

Have I Breached My Domestic Violence Injunction?

Sometimes, people wind up engaging in domestic violence out of a deliberate intent to harm the victim, while others simply let their emotions get the better of them. Either way, you face serious consequences, especially if your victim is able to obtain a domestic violence injunction against you. A domestic violence injunction is available… Read More »

DomeViol2 October 16, 2020

The “Double Pandemic”: Domestic Violence & COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and towns in Florida and around the United States have reported decreases in arrests linked to domestic violence, but officials are pointing to other factors to insinuate that this may not be a good thing. A lack of arrests for domestic violence does not mean that domestic abuse is… Read More »

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