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Recent Posts in Drug Crimes

DrugArrest June 25, 2020

Federal Drug Crimes In Florida

The majority of drug arrests in Florida tend to be for the crime of simple possession, where individuals are caught with small amounts of one drug. By comparison, most federal drug charges that come out of Florida’s districts have to do with trafficking, where large quantities of many different drugs are moved and sold…. Read More »

Courtroom June 19, 2020

What Is Florida Drug Court?

If you have been charged with a drug offense, it can feel terrifying, especially if you have never been involved with the law before. The specter of prison time can get most individuals to treat the situation very seriously – but depending on the specifics of your case, you may be able to avoid… Read More »

Drugs5 June 11, 2020

Mandatory Minimums In Florida Drug Cases

Florida has a very high rate of incarceration – among the highest in the United States, which in turn has far and away the highest incarceration rate in the world. In recent years, Florida has experienced a shift away from being ‘tough on crime,’ and toward focusing more on rehabilitation than punishment. This has… Read More »

Drug3 April 27, 2020

Law Enforcement Mistakes in West Palm Beach Drug Cases

Police are tasked with enforcing criminal laws and protecting public safety, and they undergo significant training to ensure they have the skills to do so. However, officers are human and capable of making law enforcement mistakes in West Palm Beach drug cases. Even though Florida Department of Law Enforcement statistics show that Palm Beach… Read More »

Medication2 April 20, 2020

Florida Prescription Drug Abuse Charges

Florida has an unfortunate negative history as a “pill mill,” with large swaths of south Florida playing host to “pain clinics” that would simply write prescriptions for pain pills without any kind of oversight. While reforms in 2011 effectively curtailed much of this type of trade, many who had become used to abusing these… Read More »

CrimDef8 February 20, 2020

Publix Pharmacist Loses License After Theft Of Over 1000 Pills

A 24-year old pharmacist has lost his license after being caught with over 1,000 controlled substance pills, though as of this writing no charges have been filed. Alexander Vazquez Honeycutt was caught on tape stealing five pills of zolpidem (generic Ambien), and later admitted to stealing other controlled substances like gabapentin, alprazolam (generic Xanax),… Read More »

DrugArrest February 6, 2020

Drug Trafficking In Florida

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida, with the state’s countless miles of coastline and high population. Simple possession of drugs is a crime that is strictly prosecuted, but if you are arrested on drug trafficking charges, it is safe to say that you are facing severe penalties. You are, however, entitled to… Read More »

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