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Recent Posts in Drug Crimes

DrugArrest February 6, 2020

Drug Trafficking In Florida

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Florida, with the state’s countless miles of coastline and high population. Simple possession of drugs is a crime that is strictly prosecuted, but if you are arrested on drug trafficking charges, it is safe to say that you are facing severe penalties. You are, however, entitled to… Read More »

Marijuana3 January 15, 2020

Clarifying Florida Marijuana Offenses

Medical marijuana became legal in Florida in 2016. However, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under federal law, which is the schedule that carries the most severe penalties for possession or sale. Because of this disparity, it can sometimes be very confusing for the average person to know when it is safe to… Read More »

DrugArrest September 5, 2019

No Tolerance For Drug Crimes

Florida is one of the states that sees the highest influx of illegal drugs, and as such, law enforcement has adopted a very tough stance on possession and distribution crimes. Even though some drugs like marijuana and ketamine are being found to have medical uses, they are still illegal for now, and being caught… Read More »

Drug3 August 12, 2019

“Flakka” & Other Synthetic Drugs Ravaging South Florida

As technology and science become more and more advanced, new synthetic drugs are being invented, either to replace now-illegal drugs, or to “improve” on the high granted by old ones. Despite misconceptions to the contrary, synthetic drugs are just as illegal as any ‘natural’ drugs, and if you are caught with them, it will… Read More »

Drugs3 November 27, 2018

Is Florida the Worst State for Drug Rehab Crimes?

Both the beauty of Florida, and ease of entering drug rehabilitation, make the Sunshine State an alluring spot for drug users to seek treatment. With an assortment of treatment options comes an even larger assortment of drug rehab crimes, many which are federal. Florida’s perpetual rehab industry nets billions in insurance payments for owners… Read More »

Drugs4 July 19, 2018

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession of a controlled substance in recent years seems to be as normal as getting a parking ticket. More and more people are finding themselves in situations where they are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Oftentimes these encounters stem from bad decision making or outside influence. Peer pressure plays a… Read More »

Courtroom in Session September 16, 2017

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Arrested For Growing Marijuana?

In the state of Florida, it is a crime to sell, cultivate, or distribute marijuana. Although the state’s climate provides an ideal growing environment, to do so places you at risk for criminal charges. It’s also important to note that it’s illegal to maintain a property where cannabis cultivation is taking place. The penalties… Read More »

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