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Recent Posts in Drug Crimes

Arrest November 11, 2021

How Can I Be Charged With Drug Trafficking When I Never Trafficked Anything?

In mid-August 2012, a Citrus County middle school teacher was charged with trafficking in fentanyl, among other offenses, after law enforcement executed a warrant on his property and found quantities of several drugs, as well as paraphernalia assumed to be used in preparing the drugs for distribution. He faces a serious prison sentence –… Read More »

DruggedDriving November 2, 2021

Driving Drunk Is A Crime … What About Driving High?

Even the freshest new driver on Florida roads is aware (or should be!) that driving while under the influence of alcohol is a crime. The law holds that the sheer recklessness and disregard for safety that drunk drivers display is enough to impose criminal penalties on anyone who commits the act. However, far fewer… Read More »

Jail5 October 28, 2021

Club Drug Leads To Murder Charge For Carrollwood Man

In November 2020, a 25-year old Hillsborough County man died of what was determined to be an overdose of gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). Almost 1 year later, his friend was arrested and charged with murder in his death. The friend has been charged because Florida law qualifies the “unlawful distribution of drugs” that leads to a… Read More »

CrimDef5 October 21, 2021

State Vs Federal Drug Charges

Due to its geography and history, Florida has an unfortunately high amount of drug crime, particularly in the southern part of the state. State drug laws are harsh in response; with a higher percentage of drug-related crime than many other states, prosecutors will pursue drug offenders aggressively. However, if the crime is egregious enough,… Read More »

Arrested10 October 14, 2021

Inverness Man Sentenced To Prison After Selling Counterfeit Drugs

In late August 2021, a man from Inverness, in Citrus County, was sentenced by a federal judge to 3 years in prison after being caught selling significant quantities of counterfeit Xanax on the internet. The man had purchased a pill press to “manufacture” fake Xanax pills, selling almost 250,000 before his arrest. While the… Read More »

DrugCourt October 7, 2021

Explaining Florida’s Drug Courts

If you have been charged with a drug offense in Florida, it is easy to be terrified, particularly if it is your first encounter with the law. However, depending on your specific situation, it may be possible for you to avoid jail time. Florida has what are known as drug courts, which are a… Read More »

CDefense1 September 9, 2021

Dealer Sentenced To Life For Ordering Overdose Victim’s Body Dumped

On June 25, 2021, a federal judge in Tampa sentenced a drug dealer to life in prison after ordering the body of a deceased overdose victim to be dumped in a vacant lot. The dealer and his girlfriend were charged with and found guilty of several drug distribution offenses, including conspiracy to distribute both… Read More »

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