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HandcuffOpen April 23, 2021

Women Facing Domestic Violence Charges In Florida

Stereotypically, one thinks of domestic abuse as a crime committed by men against their wives. However, between a shift in gender roles in the United States and an expansion of the definition of domestic violence, more and more women are being accused of domestic violence. While anyone whose conduct fits the definition of domestic… Read More »

Arrest_Bars February 19, 2021

What Happens After A Domestic Violence Arrest?

Not all domestic violence cases are created equal, though Florida treats them very similarly. The procedures after you are arrested do not, as a rule, vary much, whether you have been involved in a minor incident or you have committed a serious violent crime. However, there are certain points where you have choices to… Read More »

DomesViol August 13, 2020

After A Domestic Violence Arrest

When you have been arrested for domestic violence, it can be overwhelming and frightening, especially if the charge is unfounded. There is a process that is followed with every arrest, however, and understanding how the process goes can sometimes be helpful in ensuring your rights are protected. If you have questions or concerns, calling… Read More »

WhiteC3 August 28, 2019

Florida White Collar Crime

The term white collar crime was allegedly coined in the late 1930s to apply to organized crime activity, but in this day and age, it is used to cover the gamut of crimes committed by business and/or government professionals. White collar crimes are almost always financial in nature, and are usually nonviolent. There are… Read More »

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