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Recent Posts in Weapons Charges

Stand December 10, 2018

Recent Developments in Stand Your Ground and Defenses to Weapons Charges in Florida

A new case involving the “Stand Your Ground” statutes is before the Florida Supreme Court.  Love v. State of Florida, Case No.  SC18-747.   Interested persons and associations are paying careful attention.   The issue before the Court is whether the statutory procedure in court for asserting “Stand Your Ground” is constitutional, and if the procedure… Read More »

GunCharges2 November 13, 2018

Possible Defenses to Weapons Charges in Florida

Floridians’ rights to bear arms are supposed to be constitutionally protected, and generally they are. Exceptions to that rule include laws that prevent persons with mental incapacities from carrying firearms, felons who cannot own firearms and persons who are unlicensed yet brandish weapons in plain sight. These persons, along with crimes they may commit,… Read More »

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