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Anguish October 3, 2017

Should I Appeal My Case?

Losing in court doesn’t have to be the end of your case. An appeal, which is a request for a higher court to review a lower court’s decision, can result in an overturned conviction after a guilty verdict. If you were recently convicted of a crime, should you appeal your case? Appeals Process As… Read More »

Handcuffs August 29, 2017

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Accused of Date Rape?

Date rape is a problem all across the country, especially on college campuses. No person should be forced to engage in unwanted sexual relations against their will. However, rape laws can be abused and are sometimes used for revenge. Sometimes, allegations of rape can be made by an angry party who does not want… Read More »

Attorney Signing Document July 9, 2017

Can I Be Charged for Self-Defense?

We all have the right to defend ourselves, however, there are limits to what we can do in self-defense. The amount of physical force required to defend one’s self varies depending on the circumstances of the conflict. Self-defense laws are intended to protect the people who didn’t initiate the conflict. Self-defense does not apply… Read More »

Justice Scales June 7, 2017

Three Steps to Take If You Have Been Accused of Drug Possession

Being arrested for possession of a controlled substance is a scary and sometimes overwhelming experience. If you’ve never had a run-in with the law before, you may find yourself stressed or confused at what to do next, even more so if you know or don’t think you did anything wrong. When you are facing… Read More »

writing November 23, 2015

How Does a Public Defender Differ from Private Counsel?

In our criminal justice system, every person charged with a crime has the right to an attorney. This means that if a person cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to represent him or her. The attorneys that are appointed on cases are commonly referred to as public defenders. People always ask the… Read More »

handcuffed November 18, 2015

What Are My Rights After an Arrest in Palm Beach County?

You’ve heard this a million times on TV, to the point where you’ve memorized every word. But now that you’re being handcuffed, placed in the back of a police car and are hearing them directly from a law enforcement officer, these same words could seem like a blur, devoid of clarity. Known collectively as… Read More »

carrying luggage February 5, 2014

Traveling Tips: Prescription Drugs and Other Controlled Substances

If you plan on traveling with prescription medication, here is a tip that you should follow to avoid your dream trip turning into a nightmare. To be clear, it is not illegal to travel with your prescription medication. However, you can get into hot water if you take your medication out of the prescription… Read More »

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