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Recent Posts in Domestic Violence

Arrested9 August 27, 2021

Death And Domestic Violence

In 2018, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement cataloged over 200 instances of criminal homicide and manslaughter that were linked to domestic violence. While injuries are the much more likely outcome of domestic violence than death, the fact remains that homicides do happen, and the penalties are justifiably stiff. If you have found yourself… Read More »

CrimDef3 July 23, 2021

Florida Domestic Violence Charges & Child Custody

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Florida, you are likely aware of the serious consequences that can result if you are convicted. However, if you have a family, one very serious outgrowth of a domestic violence conviction can be divorce and loss of child custody. While many simply do not believe… Read More »

DomesViol March 26, 2021

Does Domestic Violence Have To Be Physical?

When one thinks of domestic violence, physical abuse is what comes to mind for the majority. However, abuse can manifest in multiple forms, any of which can cause serious harm to victims. Since every state’s definition is different, it can be confusing as to which types of abuse are legally actionable – actions that… Read More »

CrimDefLawyer December 22, 2020

Domestic Violence As Your First Offense

For some people, it is unfortunately far too easy to react to a situation with anger or even violence, and no matter how remorseful they may be, they must still face the consequences. This is the case for a significant minority of domestic violence defendants, especially if their being charged with the offense is… Read More »

Crime3 November 13, 2020

Parscale’s Wife Walks Back Domestic Violence Allegations

In late September, Candice Parscale, the wife of Brad Parscale, a senior adviser to the President, called police from a neighbor’s house after her husband allegedly pulled a gun on her and threatened suicide. She also claimed that he had been “violent with her in the past,” with officers observing “several bruises on her… Read More »

DistraughtMan2 August 20, 2020

Male Victims Of Domestic Violence

Historically, the majority of those arrested and charged in domestic violence incidents are male. However, this is not necessarily a clear picture of how the situation stands, because there are several different factors that can deter male victims of domestic violence from reporting the incident. If you are male and have been abused or… Read More »

CrimLawyer2 July 31, 2020

Batterers’ Intervention In Domestic Violence Cases

If you have been charged with a crime in Florida, there are many different ways that your case can be resolved. However, unless you are found not guilty, you will likely be required to follow certain requirements as a condition of probation. When dealing with domestic violence crimes, the court is fairly uniform in… Read More »

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