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Recent Posts in Domestic Violence

StandYourGround February 2, 2024

Domestic Violence Charges & Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law

Florida is one of the states that has what is known as a “Stand Your Ground” law, which is intended to clarify the situations in which a person can use force in self-defense. However, there are still questions surrounding its use in specific situations, particularly in cases where domestic violence is a factor. If… Read More »

Arrested12 January 19, 2024

Holiday Spike In Domestic Violence Smaller Than Average

The holiday season is meant to be a happy time, but unfortunately, it winds up tragic for some families. Rates of domestic violence tend to spike during the December holidays, for a variety of reasons; however, as of this writing, 2023’s holidays appear to have passed more smoothly. Florida prosecutes these offenses aggressively, though,… Read More »

DomesViol November 16, 2023

October Was Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the United States, and in 2023, the statistics for domestic abuse have sadly been elevated. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Central Florida reports around 3,500 domestic abuse calls placed to them, with roughly 95 percent of them resulting in an arrest. Shelters have reported higher numbers… Read More »

LadyJustice2 September 29, 2023

Does Domestic Violence Have To Be Physical?

When discussing domestic violence, it is crucial to remember that there are multiple different types – physical, emotional, verbal, and financial are among the most commonly seen. However, most crimes of domestic violence are physical in nature. If you have been abused by a partner or other loved one, but not in a physical… Read More »

Arrested12 September 22, 2023

Domestic Violence & Due Process

Domestic violence is a serious crime that leaves its mark on victims. However, those charged with committing such offenses are still entitled to due process and a fair trial. If you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence, know that you have rights that cannot be taken away, and you have the… Read More »

FedCrime2 April 6, 2023

Different Possible Defenses To Charges Of Domestic Violence

Florida law treats domestic violence as a serious offense, and if you are facing charges, it is crucial that you understand the potential consequences. That said, defenses to this charge do exist, and depending on the facts of your particular situation, you and your attorney may be able to assert one or more of… Read More »

JailShadow March 3, 2023

Domestic Violence And False Imprisonment

The average person who hears the term “false imprisonment” may think of a fairly dire picture – a person locked in a dark room, tied up and blindfolded. In reality, the definition of false imprisonment in Florida is to “forcibly or by threat” imprison a person without lawful authority and without their consent. This… Read More »

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