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Advocacy January 12, 2023

Fighting Florida Domestic Violence Charges – When You Are Innocent

It is not uncommon for those charged with crimes of domestic violence to assert their innocence early and often, usually in an effort to get their charges dropped. However, the rare defendant does come along who is truly innocent of these offenses. If that is you, it is crucial that you not try to… Read More »

CrimLawyer2 January 6, 2023

Defenses In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence is an offense that is taken very seriously in Florida, because it is seen as a crime against society, not just against an individual victim. If a person is charged with a crime of domestic violence, they can face serious consequences depending on the nature of their situation. However, it is possible… Read More »

Arrested8 December 21, 2022

How Not To Violate A Florida Domestic Violence Injunction

Many incidents of domestic violence in Florida eventually involve one party (or in rare instances, both) seeking to obtain a domestic violence injunction (DVI) against the other person. While some people unwisely choose to violate the DVI against them, others are conscientious and actively seek to respect the court and its rulings. If you… Read More »

SelfDef2 December 16, 2022

Self-Defense In Florida Domestic Violence Cases

Normally, one does not contemplate the idea of self-defense against domestic violence. However, there are many instances where two people may get into a physical altercation, but one or both of them may feel that they are acting in self-defense. If you have been charged with a domestic violence offense in Florida, but you… Read More »

Bail December 9, 2022

How Is Bail Handled In Florida Domestic Violence Cases?

Domestic violence is seen as a serious offense under Florida law, with really extreme cases being cause for long prison sentences. In situations where the offense is less severe, the average domestic violence defendant may try to obtain release on bail, as one can do with most other crimes. While some domestic violence-related crimes… Read More »

handcuffs December 1, 2022

Children Witnessing Domestic Violence

Crimes of domestic violence are taken very seriously in Florida, but an extra layer of significance is taken on when minor children are involved. Statistics show that over 25 percent of U.S. minor children have been exposed to family violence during their lifetimes, and the effects of this exposure can be profound. Because of… Read More »

GavelCuffs November 22, 2022

Hurricane Ian Saw Spike In Florida Domestic Abuse Cases

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida on September 27, 2022, killing 114 people (as of this writing) and causing untold amounts of destruction. However, very little press has been given to other crimes, notably domestic violence, which tend to rise during disasters. The staff at Harbor House of Central Florida reported a spike in… Read More »

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