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Recent Posts in Drug Crimes

Handcuffs3 March 23, 2023

Is A Warrant Required For A Drug Arrest?

The average person generally believes that law enforcement must always obtain a warrant in order to make an arrest. In reality, there are several different scenarios in which a warrant may not be required, and many of them occur in situations involving drugs. In general, if you have been charged with a Florida drug… Read More »

DefenseLaw March 16, 2023

Sentences For Drug Crimes Harsher In Certain Locations

In Florida, there are certain physical locations that the legislature has designated ‘drug-free zones.’ While the state regulates possession of illegal drugs severely everywhere, possessing or selling them in drug-free zones is seen as a greater crime against society, and because of this, courts tend to impose much harsher sentences on those who are… Read More »

Opioid_pills March 2, 2023

New Data Shows Decrease In Opioid Deaths In Palm Beach County

In late 2022, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Annual Medical Examiners Report was released, with interesting new data on drug deaths in the state. According to the report, opioid deaths in Palm Beach County decreased by approximately 15 percent, while the total numbers statewide were up around 5 percent. While more and more… Read More »

DrugTrafficking February 23, 2023

Defining Florida Drug Trafficking

The average Floridian is generally able to define drug possession or drug dealing, but defining drug trafficking can be more difficult. Trafficking is seen as the behavior of cartel kingpins, when in reality, it is far too easy for the proverbial man on the street to be charged with drug trafficking. If you are… Read More »

CrimLaw6 February 16, 2023

Florida Drug Charges Are Serious

If one reads the news, they can see coverage of drug busts on most days of the week. However, what many are unaware of is that a ‘drug bust’ can encompass several different drug offenses. If someone is charged with a drug crime in Florida, they may not be aware of how varied Florida… Read More »

Fentanyl February 9, 2023

Parents Charged In 1-Year Old’s Death From Fentanyl Overdose

In early January 2023, the parents of a 1-year old boy were charged in Broward County after the child overdosed on fentanyl while in their care. The two face charges for possession of fentanyl and aggravated manslaughter of a child, after an investigation into their son’s death found that both parents had been negligent…. Read More »

Drug3 February 2, 2023

What Are The Types Of Florida Drug Offenses?

Drug offenses are seen as particularly serious in Florida, because of the state’s history with cartels and with so-called “pill mills” creating a history of drug use and addiction. As a result, Florida’s sentences for drug crimes are among the most severe in the United States. However, for the person charged with drug crimes,… Read More »

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