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West Palm Beach Criminal Defense
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Recent Posts in DUI

Patrol Car October 20, 2015

Employment Implications Of A DUI Conviction

There is one big consequence that can terribly affect a person’s life: A DUI’s implications to one’s employment and future career. A DUI arrest brings harsh consequences not only to your driving privileges, but to your employment. If your driver’s license is suspended, how can you drive to and from work on a daily… Read More »

Handcuffs October 20, 2015

What Are Other Possible Charges Related To DUI?

A DUI charge in West Palm Beach is tough enough to fight on its own, but when related charges are added, you face much more complex legal challenges. Your ability to drive, work and live a normal life hinge upon choosing experienced legal representation. Working with the West Palm Beach lawyers at Perlet &… Read More »

Justice October 20, 2015

About the DUI arrest process

If you are arrested for a DUI in Palm Beach County, you need a West Palm beach criminal lawyer. At Perlet & Shiner, P.A., we have a team of skilled West Palm Beach attorneys to help guide you through the complex legal process. Many people who have been arrested for DUI have never been… Read More »

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