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LadyJustice January 26, 2024

Is Character Evidence Admissible In Domestic Violence Cases?

Domestic violence is considered a serious crime in Florida, as it should be. While defendants accused of domestic violence offenses have the same rights as anyone else, there are some slight variations that can be an unpleasant surprise to someone who is unaware. One of the main ways domestic violence cases differ from other… Read More »

Gavel_Cuffs2 January 25, 2024

Uncharged Conduct In Federal Drug Cases

When a person is convicted of a federal drug offense in Florida, they must be sentenced, and Florida generally prosecutes drug offenses aggressively. As a result, any factor in sentencing that can be entertained lawfully usually is. The issue of uncharged conduct – that is, conduct that might be criminal, but was not charged… Read More »

Arrested12 January 19, 2024

Holiday Spike In Domestic Violence Smaller Than Average

The holiday season is meant to be a happy time, but unfortunately, it winds up tragic for some families. Rates of domestic violence tend to spike during the December holidays, for a variety of reasons; however, as of this writing, 2023’s holidays appear to have passed more smoothly. Florida prosecutes these offenses aggressively, though,… Read More »

Drug1 January 18, 2024

Federal Sentencing Statistics Show Florida Tough On Drug Crime

Drug offenses are prosecuted at both the state and federal level, with the proper place for an individual case usually decided by the amount in question. Florida’s drug laws are seen as draconian, and it is somewhat common for individuals charged with drug offenses to think that a federal sentence will be less harsh…. Read More »

Defense2 January 12, 2024

Do Other Types Of Abuse Count As Domestic Violence?

More and more, society is moving away from a definition of domestic violence that includes only physical abuse. Doctors and scientists are gradually beginning to realize that intimate partner violence is primarily about control, and control can be exerted in multiple different ways, from emotional to financial. However, many state legislatures are proving slow… Read More »

CrimLaw11 January 11, 2024

Attacking The Evidence In Your Florida Drug Case

When a person is charged with a drug offense in Florida, it can have serious, long-term consequences, particularly if they are convicted. However, everyone is entitled to their day in court, and to raise appropriate defenses if they apply. One of the best ways to create reasonable doubt in your case is to question… Read More »

CrimDef3 January 5, 2024

How Do I Defend Against Domestic Violence Charges?

Being charged with domestic violence in Florida can change a person’s life, even if they are not convicted. If you are in this situation, it is understandable that you may be nervous or even panicked. However, Florida does recognize defenses to domestic violence, and with sufficient evidence, it can be enough to get you… Read More »

DrugArrest January 4, 2024

Constructive Possession Can Lead To Florida Drug Charges

In order to be convicted of drug possession in Florida, a state’s attorney must establish three criteria: that a defendant had control over the drugs, knew of their illicit nature, and knew where they were located. Most of the time, this is established if a person is found to have actual, physical possession of… Read More »

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