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DefenseLaw August 25, 2023

How Does Florida Prosecute Domestic Violence?

Unlike some other U.S. states, Florida does not have a single criminal offense called ‘domestic violence’ on its books. Rather, domestic violence is seen as an umbrella under which individual offenses can acquire a ‘domestic’ character. If you have been charged with a criminal offense that may rise to the level of domestic violence,… Read More »

DrugFreeZone August 24, 2023

Explaining Florida Drug Free Zones

Drug free zones were created in Florida with the intention of curbing illegal activity in potentially important locations, such as schools, government buildings, assisted living facilities, and places of worship (among others). If someone is caught selling or otherwise distributing illegal drugs, they will face a more serious punishment (if convicted) than they would… Read More »

SelfDef2 August 18, 2023

When You Truly Acted In Self-Defense

It is fairly common for domestic violence defendants in Florida to argue that they acted in self-defense even if this is not truly the case. If you are charged with domestic violence, but you truly did act in self-defense, you may be under the impression that you will not be believed in court. If… Read More »

FedCrime3 August 17, 2023

Federal vs State Drug Charges

As most Floridians are aware, their state has some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. However, what may escape notice is that U.S. federal drug charges can be as tough or even tougher, with stiff mandatory minimum sentences still being upheld for most drug-related crimes. If you have been charged with… Read More »

CrimJustice August 11, 2023

The Legal Consequences of A Domestic Violence Conviction

Florida’s definition of domestic violence is fairly broad, intending to ensure that as many of the cases which might fall under that umbrella as possible are tried as such. Domestic violence is not a single crime in Florida; rather, the presence of domestic violence is used as a sentencing enhancement in the event of… Read More »

Overdose August 10, 2023

Potential Change To Florida’s Drug Overdose Laws

In this legislative session, Florida’s houses have seen fit to enact sweeping new laws on every issue from LGBTQ+ rights to zoning. In terms of criminal justice, there have been several changes that can adversely affect the rights of defendants, particularly those who face drug charges. Florida’s drug crime laws are some of the… Read More »

DeportationArrest August 4, 2023

Domestic Violence Charges May Impact Your Immigration Status

Domestic violence is seen as a serious crime in Florida, and a conviction will result in serious penalties. However, for people who are not citizens of the United States, it is crucial to understand that a conviction for this type of crime can have consequences even beyond jail time – namely, that you will… Read More »

DrugPossession August 3, 2023

2 People Charged After Attempted Sale Of Cocaine In North Miami Beach

In early June 2023, North Miami Beach police (NMBPD) arrested a Bahamian national and a resident of New Jersey after they were stopped “attempting a drug transaction.” The transaction allegedly involved over 100 kilograms of cocaine, transported in bales. The two individuals will likely face felony charges of trafficking in cocaine, which can carry… Read More »

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