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FedCrime October 28, 2022

Identifying Crimes Of Domestic Violence In Florida

Domestic violence has a variety of definitions, depending on the context in which the term is used. In the legal sense, the definition particularly must be exact, given that someone may wind up deprived of their liberty if convicted. Florida’s is specific, but also wide-ranging, allowing many more people than just spouses to file… Read More »

HandcuffsMoney October 27, 2022

Drug Theft On Monroe County Helicopter Ambulance Crew

Sometimes, people in positions of power make bad choices when dealing with drugs – but they wind up facing the same consequences as anyone else. In September 2022, the chief flight nurse on Monroe County’s helicopter flight crew was arrested and charged with two counts of grand theft of a controlled substance, two counts… Read More »

CrimeVictim October 21, 2022

How Is A Domestic Violence Case Affected When A Victim Won’t Testify?

In a standard domestic violence case, the role of the alleged victim is important, because it is often only their testimony that can establish that domestic violence actually occurred. However, it is not at all uncommon for the alleged victim in a domestic violence case to suddenly refuse to testify against their alleged abuser,… Read More »

DrugArrest October 20, 2022

Explaining Constructive Possession In Florida Drug Cases

When a person is stopped on suspicion of possessing drugs, the concept of “possession” may seem fairly straightforward. However, the legal definition of that word is more complex than the average person might think. The concept of constructive possession may apply in your case, and it refers to a situation when a person exercises… Read More »

CriminalDefense2 October 14, 2022

Domestic Violence Has Become More Deadly

Statistics from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement estimate that approximately 106,000 instances of domestic violence crimes were reported in 2020. While this was only a slight rise from the previous year’s 105,300, experts who work with domestic violence survivors have documented a significant change in pattern – during 2020, more victims sustained more… Read More »

Marijuana4 October 13, 2022

Recreational Marijuana May Be On Ballot In 2024 … But Still Illegal For Now

In August 2022, a proposed constitutional amendment was filed in Tallahassee with the intention of legalizing certain small amounts of marijuana for recreational use in Florida. The Adult Personal Use of Marijuana Act (APUMA) would enable adults to purchase and use small amounts of cannabis for “non-medical personal consumption.” The amendment is likely to… Read More »

Arrested10 October 5, 2022

Expunging A Domestic Violence Arrest Or Conviction

A person who has been arrested for a crime of domestic violence in Florida should be aware that they are facing serious charges. Florida law does not recognize just one crime called ‘domestic violence;’ rather, the state will charge a person with the underlying offense (such as assault, battery, or false imprisonment) and treat… Read More »

Pills October 4, 2022

“Candy-Colored” Fentanyl Showing Up On Black Market

As summer turns into fall, officials on Florida’s Treasure Coast are starting to see a new variety of drugs turn up: fentanyl pills, in a “candy-colored” shell, intended to appeal to younger people. In recent weeks, the pills have been spotted in drug busts in St. Lucie County, and Attorney General Ashley Moody has… Read More »

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