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Gavel February 17, 2023

Ex Parte Vs Final Domestic Violence Injunctions

When you have been charged with a crime of domestic violence in Florida, you may find yourself being served with a domestic violence injunction (DVI), which may require you to do things like stay a certain distance away from your alleged victim, or to temporarily lose access to your children. It is not uncommon… Read More »

CrimLaw6 February 16, 2023

Florida Drug Charges Are Serious

If one reads the news, they can see coverage of drug busts on most days of the week. However, what many are unaware of is that a ‘drug bust’ can encompass several different drug offenses. If someone is charged with a drug crime in Florida, they may not be aware of how varied Florida… Read More »

Advocate2 February 10, 2023

Can A Domestic Violence Case Progress Without Victim Testimony?

In quite a few domestic violence cases, the testimony of the alleged victim is the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case. Without it, a state’s attorney may choose not to prosecute. However, it is crucial to understand that this is not always the case. Whether or not a domestic violence case will progress is almost… Read More »

Fentanyl February 9, 2023

Parents Charged In 1-Year Old’s Death From Fentanyl Overdose

In early January 2023, the parents of a 1-year old boy were charged in Broward County after the child overdosed on fentanyl while in their care. The two face charges for possession of fentanyl and aggravated manslaughter of a child, after an investigation into their son’s death found that both parents had been negligent…. Read More »

CrimLaw12 February 3, 2023

Is Domestic Violence Ever Charged As A Federal Crime?

In the overwhelming majority of Florida domestic violence cases, any charges are brought at the state level. That said, there are rare cases in which an alleged domestic violence offense can be charged under federal law. If this happens to you, it is crucial that you be aware of the stakes you are now… Read More »

Drug3 February 2, 2023

What Are The Types Of Florida Drug Offenses?

Drug offenses are seen as particularly serious in Florida, because of the state’s history with cartels and with so-called “pill mills” creating a history of drug use and addiction. As a result, Florida’s sentences for drug crimes are among the most severe in the United States. However, for the person charged with drug crimes,… Read More »

CrimLaw5 January 27, 2023

How Do Domestic Violence Allegations Affect Florida Divorce?

Getting a divorce is never easy, but if your soon-to-be ex-spouse decides to make allegations of domestic violence (whether true or false), the process can become even more heated and complex. Because of its potential to harm society as a whole, allegations of domestic violence are taken very seriously in Florida, and if convicted,… Read More »

DrugCourt January 26, 2023

Man Charged In Fentanyl-Related Death Of Teenager

In early December 2022, a 25-year old man was charged with first-degree murder in the death of a Clearwater teenager. The man had invited the teenager to his home in November 2021, to ‘hang out’ and use cocaine – but instead of cocaine, he provided the young woman with fentanyl. He later left her… Read More »

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