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West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer / Blog / Drug Crimes / Trafficking Bust In West Palm Beach May Lead To Long Sentences

Trafficking Bust In West Palm Beach May Lead To Long Sentences


On the night of June 18, two men were arrested by West Palm Beach police, in a residence on Brandywine Road. A tip led to the search of the residence, recovering bags of heroin, cocaine, MDMA, and fentanyl, among other items. These drugs were collected along with multiple firearms and paraphernalia used to manufacture illegal drugs. The two men face several charges, but the drug offenses are arguably the most serious, especially since the amounts found will lead to trafficking charges, rather than simple possession.

How Much Did You Have?

The average person generally has quite a few misconceptions about the crime of drug trafficking, particularly as it applies to Florida law. Most importantly, the average person will generally believe that in order to face drug trafficking charges, one must be actively engaged in selling large amounts of illegal drugs. This is not the case – whether or not someone is actively selling drugs is irrelevant. The only real factor in whether you will be charged with trafficking or with possession is the weight of the drugs you are found to possess.

The weight that will trigger a trafficking charge is different depending on the substance – for example, if someone buys, sells, or manufactures more than 28 grams of cocaine, they will be charged with cocaine trafficking (a first-degree felony). However, if someone is charged with trafficking in cannabis, they must have had possession of more than 25 pounds of the plant or its products. The weight of the bags found on Brandywine Road was significant enough to enable the state to file multiple trafficking charges against the arrested men.

Additional Charges May Be Filed

If you are charged with a trafficking offense in Florida, you should be aware that the state does have mandatory minimum sentences for conviction – roughly between 3 and 15 years, depending on the drug and the overall amount in question. In addition, heavy fines will usually accompany any jail sentence. Because of the seriousness of these offenses and the potential harm to society, it is unlikely that most prosecutors will negotiate a deal with you – it will likely be necessary to be prepared for trial.

A trafficking charge may also carry accompanying charges for possession of drug paraphernalia, as for the men arrested on Brandywine Road. Drug paraphernalia has a fairly wide definition in Florida, covering all “equipment, products, and materials” that are “used, intended for use, or designed for use” in any kind of drug manufacture. It is common for the charge of possession of paraphernalia to accompany a trafficking charge, though it will not always.

Call A West Palm Beach Drug Crimes Attorney For Help

While no further information currently exists on the charges awaiting those arrested on Brandywine Road, it is crucial to act fast if you have been charged with drug trafficking. The West Palm Beach drug crimes attorneys at the firm of Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A. have years of experience with these types of matters, and can try to assist you with yours. Contact our office today to speak to an attorney.




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